Music has a tendency to come back within generations, and it is an ultimate example of greatness. It is interesting to see it covered in different genres and sometimes, completely redone. For example, Stevie Wonder's "Past-time Paradise" was covered by Coolio with "Gangsta's Paradise," then satirized by Weird Al with "Amish Paradise." Being a lover of music, I have come across many different versions of popular songs that give me goosebumps every time.

Here are some covers that are amazing, and might even be better than the original!

1. Cody Frost

2. Alex and Seirra

3. Apocolyptica

4. Disturbed

5. Shaman's Harvest

6. Five Finger Death Punch

7. 2cellos

8. Five Finger DeathPunch

9. Amon Amarth

10. The Ataris

11. Alien Ant Farm

12. Marylin Manson

13. Framing Hanley

14. Killswitch Engage

15. Falling In Reverse

16. I Prevail