To My Cousin Who Got Married And Started His Family

To My Cousin Who Got Married And Started His Family

Our family's love isn't directly verbalized but it's still there and here's my proof.

Vivi Zhang

Hello cousin,

This is a bit overdue, but hey, I hope it’s still somewhat special. I just wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate you on your marriage (and your new baby!).

Sometimes, I don’t exactly know how much English you know, though I can assume you know quite a lot since you moved to Canada. Either way, I still hope you can read this.

We’re not the type of cousins who have the opportuntiy to see each other every Thanksgiving or Christmas. We’re lucky if we can find some time to visit once a year or every other year. Times are hard and so is money. But it doesn’t matter because even though we’ve only met up for at least five times in my 22 years of life that I can remember, we’re not like those very distant, estranged cousins. It still feels as if we’re very close and it’s only uncomfortable for a little bit when we meet up before we quickly are reaquainted. It goes to show that we don’t need to interact every day to get along.

It's been almost three years since you and your mom (my aunt) came over to our neck of the woods to celebrate Christmas with us. You brought your wife (then girlfriend) along with you, who neither myself nor my parents have met before. When I found out, I used to joke and compare it to bringing the girlfriend to meet the family (the other side of it, at least). I was so excited to come down from my room and see you guys and meet her. She’s a really sweet girl and I really knew you two were great for each other.

Now you’re married to her and you have a kid together. Although it hadn’t been in the traditional way (at least in our motherland, where everything is still a bit old-fashioned), but you’re now one happy family. I was a bit surprised when I heard the news from my mom, but also very happy and definitely supportive. As we kids say it now in this generation in America, “you do you.”

I wish I could’ve been there for all these milestones. I would’ve loved to have been at your wedding and seen you get married, watching on like a happy cousin. I still am patiently anticipating the day when both our time and schedules are cleared up and we can have another visit and I can see your new daughter, my first cousin once removed (I looked up the technical term). But I’m just as content with seeing pictures from your wife’s social media platform page and what my mom sends me.

Congratulations to you and your family. I’m so happy for you, and wish you guys all the best with your new blessing. One last thing before I go: thank you for being a really great cousin. We’re unconventional, and apart, but I’m glad we’re family.

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