If Every Country Singer You Love Was A College Major
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If Every Country Singer You Love Was A College Major

Luke Bryan would totally be a Philosophy Major.

If Every Country Singer You Love Was A College Major

"What's your major?" It's the first question nearly anybody will ask if you are in college.

Eventually, you have been asked that question so many times that your answer resembles that of a prepared speech. A college major, as my high school career counselor put it, should reflect who you are as a person. It should reflect your interests. It should reflect your goals in life. At the time, this sounded like a load of bologna to me. However, as I have gotten further into my college years, I realized there might be some truth to what she said.

As I continue to meet people from different majors, I can't help but notice that people from the same major have similar personal and professional goals. But what if every country singer you love was a college major?

1. Blake Shelton — Business Major

With his third Ole Red restaurant opening on the horizon, Blake Shelton is flexing his entrepreneurship skills. Ole Red is a chain of restaurants that Blake Shelton first started opening in 2017. With the creation of new jobs and good food, there is no doubt that Blake Shelton can create more than just good country songs.

2. Carrie Underwood — Music Major

Even though all country singers have the potential to be a music major, Carrie Underwood tops them all. Carrie Underwood started her music career on American Idol. She smoked the competition and won. Now a seven-time Grammy Award winner, she has co-written 13 of her 26 number one singles. Boasting a soprano voice with a three octave range, it is no wonder that Carrie Underwood is one of the greatest country singers of all time.

3. Maren Morris — English Major

Maren Morris, famous for the song "My Church," wasn't always the girl jamming to gospel music in her car. As a child, she would sharpen her creativity by writing stories and poems. Her passion for writing and her love of music led her to writing songs for some of the biggest music names of the 21st century including Tim McGraw and Kelly Clarkson. Now a performer, Maren Morris already has three top ten hits under her belt. Even though she is a fairly new face on the country music scene, it is clear that Maren Morris still has stories to tell.

4. George Strait — Agriculture Major

Before he became a country singer, George Strait studied Agriculture at Southwest Texas State University. He later took his farming roots to the stage by releasing songs that explore country life and love. After nearly 30 years of performing country music, it doesn't seem like George's love for the land will ever change.

5. Reba McEntire — Theater Major

It is no secret that Reba McEntire brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to her performances. However, in addition to her country music career, Reba also has had a career in acting. She starred in eleven movies and had her own television show that ran for six seasons. Her acting and singing skills were put to the ultimate test, however, when she starred in the Broadway productions of Annie Get Your Gun and South Pacific.

6. Luke Bryan — Philosophy Major

Even though Luke Bryan's resume includes nine number one hits and 25 top ten songs, his tragic backstory is almost Shakespearean. When he was 19 years old, his brother was killed in a car accident. A few years later, his sister also passed away. In 2014, Luke Bryan and his wife became guardians of their nieces and nephew when they were orphaned. Despite these tragedies, Luke Bryan continues to share his optimistic philosophy on life through his music and humanitarian work.

7. Trace Adkins — Political Science Major

Trace Adkins has lived a danger filled life. Before he became a country music star, Trace worked on an oil rig. He also was shot through the heart by his ex-wife. But even she couldn't stop him from being involved in politics. Trace is an avid supporter of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the Republican party. He even sang the "National Anthem" at the Republicans National Convention in 2008 and endorsed Mitt Romney for President in 2012. With his penchant for political activism, it is no surprise that Trace is a great candidate for majoring in political science.

8. Taylor Swift — Education Major

Taylor Swift's personal and professional life has been widely publicized. Her failed relationships have created a huge media frenzy over the years. Despite this, her country music and pop music careers have flourished with five number one and 22 top ten hits. What is not commonly known is her love for musical education. In 2013, Taylor Swift opened an education center at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee. She opened the center so that children might discover the wonders that music has to offer—wonders that she discovered as a child.

9. Johnny Cash — Religious Studies Major

Johnny Cash was one of the earliest country singer stars whose career took place in the 1950s. Even though Johnny Cash had 11 number one hits during his career, his success was marred by continuous drug and alcohol use. He later received treatment for his addictions with the help of his future wife, June Carter. Johnny Cash became a born-again Christian after becoming sober. Even today, the influence of Johnny Cash does not go unnoticed as he proves to society that surrounding yourself with the right people and a little determination can help you rise up above your circumstances.

10. Trisha Yearwood — Culinary Arts Major

Trisha Yearwood, a three-time Grammy Award winner for her country hits, proves that women, indeed, can do it all. Her country music career took off in the early 1990s. After a long break from music, Trisha started singing again professionally in 2014. During her break from music, Trisha pursued her interest of cooking and published two cookbooks. Today, Trisha is able to continue with her passion of cooking through her show on the Food Network called Trisha's Southern Kitchen.

Even though my high school career counselor was correct in saying that college majors should reflect our interests, she failed to recognize an important fact. Even though college majors reflect some of our interests, they do not define who we are as individuals nor do they define the course of our lives. I was surprised to discover that many country music singers—including Garth Brooks, Brad Paisley, and Kenny Chesney—majored in business. Even though they majored in business, life took them down a different path. In a world that forces students to decide what careers they want to have at an early age, I think it's important to recognize that life sometimes has other plans. And that's ok.

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