I am sure you are a lot like me, each December I think back to the previous year and ask myself every time, "Where did this year go?" I constantly am wondering if I challenged myself enough and if I waisted too much time watching Netflix or talking/thinking about insignificant things.

I really am not one for New Year Resolutions. I think that each day should be spent focusing on the present and small term goals to help focus on the "now". New Years Resolutions set people up for unobtainable goals that can give more disappointment than gratification. For this upcoming year, I set an umbrella goal. From a mentor I have, I was given the idea that a year should be looked at like an open umbrella. Every once and a while when you are having a day where you need support, think about the umbrella goal you have created. I set a goal for 2019 to put love first. Love for myself, others and my passions first this year.

I want to welcome 2019 with open arms. I was also given a new perspective to appreciate each season and participate more in the seasons to get the most out of the year. Sure, we all have times that we don't love the weather and spend too much time indoors but creating memories that contribute to times of the year will help appreciate the effort you put into the year.

I constantly feel like I am worrying about the next stage of life, the next decisions, the next job opportunity and not focusing on the now I have created for myself. I have dreamed of being at this point in my life. Since before I can remember, I prayed that time would move faster so I could finally be in college, be in a sorority, fall in love, be 21, have an amazing group of friends, and know what I want to do. Look at us. We are in the moment that we have all been waiting for. Why do we put so much stress on the future when we are living the future we once dreamed of?

The countdown to 2019 is coming faster than we know it and I want next December to roll around and know that I put everything into it. What is the point in holding back? Why guard our heart? Especially at this age, it is time to let our hearts explore what they were made for and to search for passions that give us a spark that we have worked so hard for. The time is now. 2019 could be the best year for all of us if we allow it to be.