How To Have Friends With Different Political Beliefs
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I Am A Democrat And My Best Friend's A Republican, Yet We Manage Not To Kill Each Other

Can you be friends with someone who has the complete opposite view on what will make America great again?

I Am A Democrat And My Best Friend's A Republican, Yet We Manage Not To Kill Each Other
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Politics are currently very controversial. No matter what side of the spectrum you are one (or in the middle) it seems like whenever the word "Trump" is used, someone has something to say about it.

Being a college student puts you in a very interesting category as well. If you're a college Conservative, it is often believed you just fall on this side of the spectrum because you are "copying your parents." If you resonate as a liberal, it is because you are "uneducated "and "going with what everyone else is saying."

The fact that these are the only reasons why smart, intellectual college students would resonate on one side or the other is very aggravating. I have very high hopes for this generation. I know they have the capacity to think for themselves and are just as smart as their parents and grandparent's generation.

I have always had very strong views and opinions. I fall farther to the left of the spectrum: a Democrat. I believe a woman has the right to choose, individuals should love who they want, and the government needs to help those who cannot help themselves.

However, my best friend is a strong conservative. I remember the first time politics came up in a conversation. One of us even made the comment "this is why we do not talk politics." Leaving that conversation, I had one thought: can you be friends with someone who has the complete opposite view on what will make America great again?

The answer I have found out is heck yes you can. The best part? You can learn a lot from them.

As legal students, both my friend and I have a pretty open-minded view of the law and laws. However, there are some issues that neither of us will budge on. To be quite honest, some of the best conversations I have had regarding politics have been with her because she did not agree with EVERYTHING I SAID.

She told me her evidence and ideas and I shared mine. At the end of the say we have decided to agree to disagree. Yet, I have learned so many things about the conservative party that I did not know.

I am lucky to be able to have a conversation with her without either of us bringing emotion into it. As legal students we have learned that there are many sides to the story; some you may agree with, others you will not. However, both deserve to be analyzed.

Will I ever like Trump? No. That is okay. However, will I respect the office of the President and hope he carries out the best job possible? 100%. If you do not want to see this country succeed, no matter who carries that action out, I pity you.

I pray for a time where America can be what we were founded on. I will never lose hope in the vision of our founding fathers. All I can do is pray that tomorrow is better than today.

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