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A spoken word to break the silence.


For so long I have sat in my corner,

Staring at the path between the ceiling and the floor,

Where angle meets angle,

And far away stands the door.

I stretch out my hands

And feel the cold bricks stacked along the wall,

Trying to convince myself I'm strong enough to break through.

Little did I know,

Little did I see,

Not too far from me sat another wanderer in the dark.

From the corner of my eye, I noticed her hands along the bricks.

She seemed unsure of where to turn,

Unaware that she was not alone.

And as time flies,

To my surprise,

I spy another wandering soul,

And another.

All in our corners,

Blinded by the absence of light.

Fear makes us afraid to say

We are waiting for a leap of faith.

If only one of us could muster the courage

To shift her shoulders towards the center of the room.

Maybe then,

Maybe then,

A lamp would be lit,

A fire set ablaze,

To set free the slaves

Of chains no longer bound,

Yet the choice is made to stay.

Familiar pain and feelings of safety

Within a cyclical shadow

Follow us with temptations to stay silent.

Yet breaking through the deep,

Pressing in on all sides,

Speaks a Love so strong it rattles the muted cries

That once screamed at us to bow to this idol of silence.

Dry bones too brittle to breathe

Are revived by the breath of life

When we stand in our corners

And turn to face this guiding light,

Each face is set aglow with the hope

That we may finally be known,

And no darkness can taint our souls when we know

That even the marrow in our bones

Is beating with the blood of a brand new heart.

All because Love spoke

and opened the doors to the broken.

May we never lose sight of Who we hope in.


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