Not too long ago I was struggling a little each day just feeling like I'm running but not getting anywhere, I still feel this at times but my time goes by easier now, because I spend basically all of it with my dog Autumn. She is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen and I knew the moment saw her that, I had to have her. I didn't and still don't have a boyfriend so I was like, PUPPY! I had always thought corgi's were cute, especially there big butts. Never thought I would actually ever get one though, boy am I glad I did.

She may look small but she is more known as being a shorter breed among the large ones. I mean come on they are the preferred breed of the Queen herself, they have to be special. They really are too, I see why she has so many. Autumn amazes me every day, I swear half the time she speaks English and knows exactly what I'm saying and she loves romance movies. Along with kissing me on my lips which my mom says is disgusting, but I don't even care she loves me and I love her!

These dogs are among the herding group, which must be why she has to run up and down the hall like a wild banshee. Let me tell you too she is fast. She is such a lover too, she basically loves everyone she meets and loves to cuddle. Which I don't mind at all. I mean she also takes naps with me... what else could I ask for. My mom says we are too alike. All we do is sleep and eat... but hey were bonding. The best time was when I was sitting down and eating and watching TV, next thing I know she is laying down eating out of her dish watching TV. Just saying if you are looking for a puppy go the corgi way!

They say many things about these dogs just like any breed, how they are like protectors of their humans, and I see that every day. She is constantly sitting at my feet basically guarding. They also say they have very soulful eyes, which is so true it's scary. I swear there is someone inside my Autumn, sometimes I think it's my grammy. Just the way she looks at me when I'm sad, or how she just loses herself looking at me like she is in love with me, it's honestly incredible. I wasn't really sure I wanted another dog after my dog Star passed, I was left heartbroken.

When in the end Autumn ended up being exactly what my heart needs every day. She is my absolute best friend. As soon as I met her she ran up to me and sat next to me and I just knew right then and there maybe we were meant for each other... corny I know. I don't even care if it is to say that because everyone knows the special connections you can have with animals, and how you have to hold onto that forever. They help us continue each day in more ways than we probably realize. I am beyond thankful for my Autumn she basically goes everywhere with me and sits right on the center console in the truck. She is my girl and will forever be my heart!!!