How To Cope With A Separation/Break-Up

How To Cope With A Separation/Break-Up

Great advice by the Sorceress Medea

As you may already know, dealing with a separation or break-up is a matter that may lead to a tremendous amount of suffering. As someone whose husband abandoned her for another woman, I, Medea- daughter of King Aeetes of Colchis and granddaughter of the sun god Helios- know very well what it is like to go through an unexpected separation. Although it may appear to be impossible for you to ever recover from a break-up, I’m here to tell you that it is more feasible than you imagine it to be. By following the advices I have to offer you’ll recuperate from your recent separation faster than you’ve ever done before. So, worry not-for I have the answers you’ve been seeking for.

The first step to recovery requires one to allow themselves to wallow in the pain resulting from the absence of one’s partner. It is completely understandable for one to dramatically fling themselves to the ground, crying and questioning why things turned out the way they did. This was exactly what I did when my husband, the often praised hero Jason, decided to leave me and marry princess Glauce and I must confess that doing so really helped me heal. When crying it is important that you allow yourself to immerse in a heart-rending soliloquy during which you question your ex-partner’s rationality for leaving you. After hearing that Jason was going to abandon the children and me, I engaged in a horrendous fit of crying that often involved long speeches that I delivered to myself. It was through such self-directed conversations that I evaluated Jason’s lack of respect for our wedding vows. This first step is rather important as it will allow you to uncover your ex-partner’s unscrupulous nature.

The second step to recovery involves a civilized reunion with your ex-partner, during which you will discuss the reasons why they decided to leave. This will allow one to attain closure in the relationship. Jason and I had one of such casual and civilized encounters and it was then that he explained that it was best for him to marry princess Glauce, as this would allow him to ensure that our children would grow to be respected members of society. He urged me to set aside my futile emotions and understand that although he was going to wed another he was still willing to keep me as his mistress. Obviously, I refused the offer and Jason was incapable of understanding why I was being so “irrational”. Although, it may seem that this conversation between Jason and I was a colossal disaster I will point out that it instead was a crucial turning point in my process of moving on. It is then essential that you follow through this second step as it sets the stage for what is to be the closing act of your separation.

The third and last step to recovery is revenge. It’s important that your partner understands that they made a terrible mistake by leaving you and the only way for them to learn this lesson by you enacting your revenge. My revenge on Jason was simply wicked and it forever liberated me from the hold he had over me. I poisoned a crown and gown and asked my children to deliver it to Jason’s precious new bride as a gift. After receiving and wearing my presents the young princess passed away, along with her father- who was also poisoned while attempting to save his daughter. Once my children returned I murdered both of them as I knew this would drive Jason insane. With that my revenge was completed. Alright, I’m not saying you should also kill your children for the purpose of enacting revenge on your ex-partner. But, I’m not saying you shouldn’t either. Do whatever is best for you. Once you’ve completed this last step you will be able to declare that you have finally overcome your separation and you will be able to carry on with your life without any worries (this “no worries” portion specially applies to those of you who opted to sacrifice your children). That is all and I hope my advices will be helpful to you.

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