Meals To Make As A Couple
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10 Easy Recipes To Cook When You Want To Stay In For Date Night

Would you try any of these recipes with your S.O.? It's a bonding experience, to say the least.

10 Easy Recipes To Cook When You Want To Stay In For Date Night

It's no secret that I love food. My boyfriend is well aware that my time is spent working and eating, and that is about it. I love trying new things but I am also super picky.

I also really, REALLY suck at cooking. It's a real struggle for me. So, I thought I would look up recipes that can be easily modified and made by a couple in any stage of their relationship and with minimal cooking skill necessary.

Cooking with your S.O. is fun, but also kinda hard because you need to learn your S.O.. My boyfriend knows that I'm an "eye-er." Who needs measuring cups when I have eyes with contacts in? It's close enough for me, but not for him. So usually he'll do the measuring stuff (though I maintain I get the recipe right by eyeing it).

Here are some recipes that are easy but fun to cook with your S.O.

1. Tin Foil Meals

Image result for tin foil dinners

Copycat campfire chicken looks so delicious and I'm excited for my boyfriend and I to make it ASAP. I'm also excited to try subsisting red meat for his!

Southern Living has tons of different types of recipes for tin foil packets. With all the choices they give, there is bound to be some you and your S.O. want to try!

These are my new favorites because they are so freaking easy and yummy. There are tons out there to try that are vegan, vegetarian and meat lover friendly.

2. Anything Pasta

This sausage and pasta is definitely right up my boyfriend's and my alley because we can interchange foods. I can take out the sausage and he can leave it in! Win win.

Pasta salad is one of my all-time favorite summer foods (okay, all year round food). It takes so good and is pretty is easy to make. Even if you don't feel like doing the recipe above, you can buy a box of it and still have a "home cooked" dinner.

This recipe is a collection of a few awesome looking pastas. The one that particularly excites me is the lemon garlic shrimp pasta. I may get no kisses after, but I'll be happy with my carbs.

Pasta is always fun and easy, but it's also easy to spice up by adding an assortment of things to it. Experiment a little and before you know it, you'll have a couple recipe to pass on!

3. Lettuce Wraps

Teriyaki chicken lettuce wraps just look like heaven wrapped in healthy. You won't feel as guilty after eating one of these and neither will your man.

Cooking Light has tons of great ideas for lettuce wraps that are making my mouth water. These say they are for lunch but you can totally make them for dinner.

These are super quick and easy but extra yummy with a pinch of healthy. I love making these because they look so put together and it only took 20 minutes!

4. Vegan/Regular Shepherd's Pie

Image result for shepherd's pie

Martha Stewart blog has one of the best looking original shepherd's pie. It looks just like the one from my childhood.

The vegan shepherd's pie is for the people who love shepherd's pie but don't want to kill any animal friends. Honestly, you can even try to make tofu shepherd's pie... on second thought, don't try that.

Shepherd's pie is one of my all-time favorite meals. My Nanny used to make it for us all the time, but as I grew older I lost my taste for meat so I felt like I couldn't have it...boy, was I wrong. Vegan Shepherd's Pie is just as good and even though I'm more of a vegetarian who eats chicken (don't judge, I love chicken too much to give it up), the vegan Shepherd's pie blew my mind. My boyfriend and I had fun cooking it together. It is a bit of a longer recipe but I felt like it was still easy. His half did have meat in it so I'll link both recipes for whichever way you'd like to try.

5. Onigiri aka Rice Balls

Image result for rice ball salmon

The Food Network has a recipe of this yummy salmon rice ball that's easier to make than you think.

This recipe with the fried shrimp is just to know how versatile the rice balls can be.

These are a fun trial and fail food to make with your S.O. Believe me, you'll laugh when one of you messes up or has a funny shaped ball. These are also super diverse because you can have seafood, chicken, beef, veggies or whatever in there. I personally love salmon. Just it.

6. Dark Chocolate Banana Bread

Image result for Dark Chocolate Banana Bread

Love and Olive Oil has an interesting take on a banana bread recipe you'll both love for something sweet.

I think I'll be trying both!

I know this is more baking than cooking but It's still fun to try baking new things together and bread is an EXPERIENCE. I baked this on a bet that I couldn't do it and boy was he surprised when I had it right...after a few times of trying. You CAN'T eyeball this recipe and I learned that the hard way.

7. Chicken Miso Ramen (Authentic)

Easy Chicken Miso Ramen

Are you and your S.O. craving ramen but not the crappy kind (that's somehow still good) that comes in the little bricks? Will to try making authentic ramen? Well, here is your chance. Authentic ramen is so much better than those bricks and once you go authentic, you may not be able to go back...just kidding. I totally switch between both, depending on my lazy level. But give it a try with your S.O. It's definitely a two person job and you can brag to your friends that you didn't pay $12 for it at a restaurant.

8. Ribs

One-Pan Baby Back Ribs

These ribs look good even to me! I can't wait to make this for my love!

For the meat eaters out there!

So this is more for my man than me, but if you want to create a romantic night in and he/she loves steak, ribs, or whatever than I suggest getting some candles and some meat. I feel like my S.O. would be really impressed that I went out of my way to make his favorite meat (which isn't ribs, but ribs sound kind of fun). This isn't really a couple recipe unless you want to reveal your intentions, but just imagine surprising your S.O. when they come home to a romantic, candlelit dinner.

9. BBQ Sliders

Sliders can have anything as their filling and that's a crowd pleaser to me. They can even go down below with appetizers for a party! I just love how fun and easy they are!

This recipe just offers varying choices for varying diets.

Sliders are super easy and really low maintenance. As always, you can also switch a lot of dinner things in the sliders based on your S.O.'s dietary needs.

10. Appetizers/ Party Snacks

Image result for cream cheese salsa dip

Sparkpeople has a recipe like the one I highlighted below and their picture is literally what my mom used to make for all family gatherings. Make two goes quick!

For my vegetarian friends who want to host a vegetarian party and still please those meat eaters!

Ever go to a restaurant and you were just craving all the appetizers and so you order that as your meal? Well, you can do that at home too! I love having quick finger foods to eat while lounging around. But these aren't just for appetizer dinner night, but also when you have a party with your S.O. Whether it is at your place or you are bringing it to another place these are some of the best ideas that everyone will love!

My family does a tortilla dip that blows my mind it's so good. I know it isn't "our" recipe but It feels like it is.

First layer cream cheese at the bottom of a pan.

Then add salsa on top on a thick layer. Now, you can either mix these together or leave it separate. I've seen it both ways.

After that slice lettuce and tomatoes up into tiny pieces and spread on top of the salsa.

Lastly, add some shredded cheese and bang, it's done!

Cooking is super fun with your S.O. and I love trying and sometimes failing (then ordering out) with my boyfriend.

It brings us closer together and makes me laugh. He gets so mad at my reckless chopping (I only cut myself once, thank you very much) and I get annoyed with his slowness at literally everything.

He's so OCD it kills me, but somehow, in the end, we finish it and we have a new memory that feels a little more special than just going out to eat.

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