12 Conversations You’ve Had With Your Engaged Friend
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'Look At My Ring!' And 11 Other Conversations You’ve Had With Your Engaged Friend

"It's a love story, baby just say, 'yes.'"

'Look At My Ring!' And 11 Other Conversations You’ve Had With Your Engaged Friend

I'm only 21 years old, yet it seems that all of my old high school classmates are getting engaged or are talking about getting engaged. While I am happy for them, I can't help but wonder why they want to settle down so quickly.

Don't you want to live your life a little before you say, "I do?"

Maybe we just have different goals in life. Maybe I'm just a skeptical person by nature.

I remember having a similar conversation with my former neighbor, Amanda, a few years ago. Amanda is a few years older than me and at the time all of her former classmates were getting engaged. Amanda, like me, wanted to finish college before settling down and couldn't understand why her former classmates were running to the altar.

At the time, she shared some conversations with me that she had with her engaged former classmates. Now, a few years later, I'm having the same conversations with my former classmates.

Here are a few talking points that are bound to come up when you're talking to someone who's engaged.

1. "Look at my ring!"

Ah yes, the good ol' standby. The ring is, without a doubt, the true symbol of their engagement. So it's only natural that they would want to show it off.

2. "Do you want to know how we met?"

This is my favorite part about being around engaged couples: hearing the story on how they met. With each telling, the story (which is often awkward and funny to begin with) gets embellished bit by bit. I've also noticed the bride tends to be the one who wants to tell everyone the story on how she met her partner. Friends. Family. The cashier at Wal-Mart. Doesn't matter. The excitement cannot be contained.

3. "He/she is my forever."

Romantic. Corny but romantic.

4. What type of wedding they're planning.

Small or large? Beach wedding or church wedding? Decisions. Decisions.

5. Their experience trying on wedding dresses.

White dress or hot pink, sexy dress? Because, according to one future bride, "Weddings should be my day, but then again my family's coming and may expect something different."

6. "Who ~exactly~ is going to be in their bridal party?"

This seemed to be, surprisingly, the most contentious issue that any wedding will ever face. Because you don't want to hurt anybody's feelings but you also don't want certain people in your bridal party.

7. The cake!

According to my engaged friends, the most exciting part of the wedding decision making process is deciding the cake. Because it's food and you get to eat a bunch of cake when deciding what flavors you want.

8. Planning the bridal shower.

For the family's enjoyment

9. Planning the bachelorette party.

For the bride's enjoyment

 10. Planning the bachelor party.

For the groom's enjoyment

11. Choosing the father-daughter dance song.

Daddy's little girl is all grown up.

 12. When they're going to have kids.

First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes the baby in the baby carriage.

It's interesting talking to my engaged friends—hearing their stories, sharing in their moments. Despite my initial skepticism, I am truly happy for all of my engaged friends and/or former classmates. Seeing the unending glow of happiness radiate from their faces, as a friend, is priceless.

As more and more of my former classmates and friends head to the altar, I wish them all the best—that they might carry this happiness into their futures as their new lives begin.

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