14 Halloween Costumes For The One Who's Trying To Strike Up Conversation
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14 Halloween Costumes For The One Who's Trying To Strike Up Conversation

5. A coven member


Halloween is just around the corner and for me, being in a new town with many people I don't know, I wanted to make a statement with my costume. Hopefully, that would strike up a conversation with people I could potentially friend later.

Dressing up every year for Halloween can become a tedious thing if you don't put the right amount of fun and creativity to your costume. Above all, choose something you like, because you never know who may talk to you about your costume and have similar interests as you.

1. Harry, Ron or Hermione

If you love Harry Potter like me, this time of year is the perfect time to go total geek and dress up as your favorite witch or wizard. You could start a conversation about the house you identify with or what movie you think was best.

2. Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

If you and a friend are dressing up together, dress as this former couple and everyone will know how up to date with pop culture you are. No one would question who to ask about the latest celebrity gossip.

3. A Starbucks frappuccino

Do you have a coffee obsession? Show your love for all things Starbucks by dressing up as your favorite drink. This costume would not only be fun to create but fun to wear.

4. Fake news

As the political friend of my group, this one gave me a chuckle. With all the recent issues we've had in the government, this would guarantee that you might have some interesting debates to take on Halloween night.

5. A coven member

If you love American Horror Story, or simply all-black clothing this one is for you. Dress up as the next Supreme and have people talking to you about AHS: Apocalypse all night.

6. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

Spongebob is a childhood classic so it's no surprise that its characters have become Halloween costume staples. Opt for a lesser known character like these two superheroes and still get to hear Spongebob references at every party you go to.

7. A meme

Literally any meme would work here, Overly Attached Girlfriend, Kermit or Salt Bae. This is a good opportunity to show off your knowledge of the meme universe.

8. A Sim's character

This is one of my favorites and is so easy. just take green paper and make a diamond shape glue it to a spring and onto a headband and just wear it with your normal clothes. It's a lowkey fun way to bring it into conversations and talk about your Sim People.

9. Taco Bell sauce

If you have a love for tacos like me then you're probably more than familiar with Taco Bell Mild, Hot and Fire sauce. Dress up as a sauce packet to show people not only are you saucy but that you love tacos. Win-win.

10. A Kardashian-Jenner sibling

If you love the Kardashians, why not be one for a night? Dress up in one of their famous outfits from Instagram, and if it applies, carry around "Stormi" with you in the form of a baby doll.

11. A mermaid

If you want to put your beauty skills to the test and show off your ability with a blending brush, maybe you should consider under the sea for your concept this year. Other beauty guru's at your Halloween parties will know just what to strike up conversation about.

12. A JUUL and it's pod

In true millennial spirit, dress in this couples costume when one person is the Juul battery and the other person is the Juul pod. Not only is this idea hilarious but it's relevant to this year.

13. A Marvel superhero

If you love Marvel, consider being your favorite hero. This leaves room for talk about various movies, or theories about what awaits our heroes next.

14. Jack and Coke

If you're just simple and want something easy and DIY for you and your partner, maybe dress up as your favorite mixed drinks. Doesn't have to be Jack and Coke, could be Red Bull and Vodka or Captain and Sprite, but either way, you would definitely easily become the life of the party.

Whatever you decide on this year, make it original and you!

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