Convenient College Flirting Tactics

Whether you're a freshman or a senior, flirting can be a thrilling activity to engage in. Try it out a few times. Who know, maybe something beneficial will come out of it!

  1. Make subtle eye contact while “studying” in the library and/or student gathering place. You’d be so surprised. Sometimes the library can be just as lit as a frat party in terms of catching baes.
  2. Get to know your neighbors in the dorm or apartment complex. There might be a hottie living right down the hall, and you never see him because you’re too busy being reclusive. Leave your room and explore the opportunities.
  3. Sit next to the dream boy in class. Conveniently drop your pencil (whoops). If you’re a “charmer” like me, you’ll probably end up screwing it up and falling over instead. Leave this move for a day in which you’re feeling confident and adept.
  4. Join study groups. Consult the hottie when you’re lost (RIP to your grade on the test). I’m sorry, I don’t understand that at all, but could you flip your hair once again? I swear it helps me concentrate...
  5. Sit in the cafe. Sip coffee. Flutter your eyelashes in a subdued manner as you read your school books and assert casual glances in his direction. Another basic move that can easily be effed up. Attempt with caution.
  6. Be the boldest you’ve been in your entire life and ask a guy at a party to dance with you. Just make sure he’s actually hot...
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