The Conspiracy Theories You NEED To Know
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The Conspiracy Theories You NEED To Know

I mean, did we really land on the moon?

The Conspiracy Theories You NEED To Know

Conspiracy theories can either really interesting or extremely unbelievable.

1. The Mandela Effect

This is the conspiracy theory that got me interested in conspiracies. Basically, it says that you may have experienced events from a different reality. Sometimes our memories do not match the recorded history, and a lot of time they are consistent with other people. The conspiracy theory first got its start at the 2009 Dragon Con, where a large group of people, with no apparent connections to each other, all remembered Nelson Mandela dying decades ago. His death was mentioned in a South African history book, which said he died around a year and a half after he was released from prison on the 23rd of July 1991. There have been other instances that gathered support for this theory such as: Berenstein or Berenstain bears, Jif or Jiffy peanut butter, and Looney Tunes or Loony Toons. Overall this is probably one of the most popular conspiracy theories because so many people remember these topics one way, but they are recorded another.

2. The Assassination of John F Kennedy


Okay, this has to be my personal favorite topic to discuss, ever. I wrote a ten page research paper on the conspiracies surrounding JFK`s death my senior year of high school, so you could say I`m a little bit of an expert... maybe. The fact that JFK passed away on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas isn`t whats theorized about, it`s the events and conclusions surrounding his death that are. Many people believed that Oswald was not the lone gunman and that at least four shots were fired. This evidence was supported with the Zapruder film of the accident. In the film you can see JFK lunge backwards, which would support evidence that there was another shooter as Oswald was located behind the presidents motorcade at this time. Another theory is that the government actually had JFK murdered because he was planning to release all the information the government currently possessed on extraterrestrial beings, and they were worried that would cause an uproar and interfere with their ongoing research. Overall, there are a lot of conspiracies surrounding his death and I could talk about this one topic for the rest of my life.

3. The Moon Landing


On June 20, 1969 NASA claims they sent two men to the moon, many people don`t believe that we actually went to the moon, and here are a few popular theories on why people think its fake. During this time America was involved in the Cold War with the Soviet Union, and the space race was a major factor of this because whoever could get to the moon first would, in a sense, be the new alpha. Another popular theory is the fact the flag was waving as the astronauts stuck it into the " moon. " We all know there isn`t wind on the moon, now NASA has said this is because Buzz Aldrin was twisting the flag pole as he put it in the surface, but that still doesn`t seem like it would move the flag as much as it did. Another popular reason people believe it was fake is because when the rocket landed, it didn`t stir up any dust. There was no dust on the footpads and its didn`t leave a crater behind, you can compare this with driving your car into a swimming pool and not making a splash... kind of seems impossible. Overall, some people believe we did land on the moon and some people don`t, but perhaps the biggest question is, if we did it once in 1969 then why haven`t we been back? Your turn NASA...

5. Flat Earth Theory

This theory can be a little strange and hard to get behind, and I`m not sure if I believe it, but it is a MAJOR theory so lets discuss. A lot of people that believe in the Flat Earth Theory also believe in the moon landing hoax, and a lot of this distrust falls on NASA. A major point made by " flat earthers " is that every picture we see of the earth is a composite image. There is no way for NASA to take a picture of the entire earth at one time, so they take small pictures of the earth and put them together to make the images we frequently see, and people theorize that NASA could essentially be manipulating these images, and obviously we can`t pop into space and see for our self. The Flat Earth map is basically all of the continents spread out with Antartica as an ice wall surrounding the entire earth, this also happens to be the map the united nations uses as their logo. There is a religious background to this theory because the bible says the earth expands to its " four corners," some people take this to mean the earth is flat and has four distinct corners. You might be asking, what about the seasons? well, flat earth enthusiasts suggest that the sun revolves around the earth instead of the other way around that we`ve been taught. This is a very controversial and hard to believe, but it is worth knowing because of its popularity.

5. FEMA Camps

This is a conspiracy theory that I have spent a lot of time researching, and have found a lot of it to be very believable. FEMA camps are very real, but what is theorized is the reason behind them. The government has created these mass housing communities ran by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) . The government says these camps have been created to house people that may be displaced in the event of a natural disaster, but many people believe otherwise. It is believed that these camps will be used to house american citizens in the event of a civil unrest, a government created crisis, or martial law. The one that has garnered the largest backing is the government using these camps in the event of an american president declaring martial law. Most camps hold around 20,000 people, but there is one camp in Alaska that can hold up to 2 million people. Some of these camps even have large plastic containers that resemble coffins stacked outside... there have been as many as 500,000 of these coffins at each camp. It is also alleged that the government keeps a red list and a blue list... the blue list is people the government will house in the camps and the red is people that will be executed. What is the true purpose of these camps, only time will tell.

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