A confident person possesses courage, leadership, poise, resilience, kindness and plenty more. All of these characteristics are what can make you a more attractive person. You can try makeup, plastic surgery, and all the materialistic ways to make yourself more attractive. But you know what's cheaper, deeper and more attractive? Confidence. Having little fear and more courage is hot if you ask me. The prettiest models are those who model confidence down the runway of life, ignoring other's opinions and what the press says about them. The sexiest fashion is one that creates enough room for self-assurance. "Just find what works for you, what style suits you best, and just be confident enough to rock it" (Odell Beckham Jr).

Confidence is not a false sense of security that looks strong on the outside, but in reality, is weak on the inside. It is not cockiness and it does not play the comparison game in order to make yourself feel better. Jealousy is just evidence of confidence not existing. Confidence does not celebrate other's mistakes; there is no joy in that. Lastly, it is not used to gain an advantage. For example, if you have to bring people down to make yourself feel confident, then that does not represent real confidence; it only shows a lack of it. Confidence is willing to take risks and ask for help, even when you're afraid or when others may mock you. If you are truly confident in yourself, then messing up won't tear your confidence down but rather help you become a better person, because it is already anchored, and no failure or negative opinions will make you sink. Genuine confidence is quiet, and insecurities are loud and showy. Your confidence has always been there, you just have to express the greatness in which you were fashioned from the beginning.

If you want to land that next date or become a role model to others, then start believing in yourself. Having authentic confidence will only make others believe in you more because you have a reason to live. For me personally, others may perceive my body language and personality as confident because of the way I walk and talk. But sometimes these outward appearances are fabricated because I wasn't sincerely at home in my body. However, once my confidence shined from the inside out, my relationships became prettier, my outward image became hotter, and overall, I grew an appealing personality.

If you invest in confidence, you'll have the ability to stand up, speak up, and show up with even sexier body confidence. Take control of your confidence so that you are content with your self-image and the body you live in. Don't let anyone strip your confidence for that leaves you naked and not at home in the body that you wear. What's sexier than knowing you're sexy?