Vine may be dead, but we still have all of the clips to remember it by. If you're like me, this is the best way to waste time, especially when procrastinating. Here's a compilation of Vine compilations to make your procrastination easier.

1. Vines you can show your mom.

So wholesome, you can watch them around your family with the sound on.

2. All the Vines from "Milk and Vine."

Save yourself the money and just watch all of the vines here.

3. "Top 100" Vines.

"Top 100" may be up to interpretation.

4. Cat and Dog Vines

5. Vines: Animal Edition

For when you're missing your furry best friend at home.

6. Vines for when you're lonely.

7. The Best "Gavin from Vine" Compilation.

(My personal favorite).

"Are you feeding the gecko your Capri Sun?"