Complications of Love
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Complications of Love

Communication and Truth: A Story

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In the West, everything is different. Here our coast is lined with white signs that say "Dublin Fish Market", you can see them from miles away. With purple and yellow flowers covering the bay, lines of people would gather around to get the freshest cuts of fish. Person by person, they'd select their choice for the day and hand over their money. My mama used to rave about the tuna, about how succulent and healthy the fish was. It was her favorite addition to Sunday dinners, with just a wedge of lemon and some chips, we'd all be satisfied; however, though life near the bay was nice, I always loved the city.

With tall silver buildings and colorful lights lining the streets, it satisfied the adventure that wasn't available near the bay. As people waved their hands to hail taxis, the sound of the busy city raved and the fast pace raised my adrenaline. I had been there once, for a couple weeks, and I loved it, but my mama was too attached to the bay. For generations, our family had lived along the coast, so she wanted to keep the pattern ongoing; however, though I longed for the city, there was one thing I longed for more: to be left alone.

For months, Conor had been following me, every day there would be a letter on my doorstep asking me to come live with him…. But I didn't want to. All I wanted was peace, quiet, and the city. Oh, how could I get rid of him… I couldn't figure out how. If she was here, Clara, my best friend, would laugh at my predicament while shaking her head and saying "Anna, how do you do yourself so?"; however, though she made fun of me, she was my confidant , the only person I trusted.

I miss the old days where I'd pick up the phone, turn the dial, and she'd be on the other side. Months ago, we'd call and talk for hours, but as time passed, conversation wasn't as constant. As I wandered in my thoughts, a faint ringing began to immerse and as if in a trance, I rose and picked up the phone.

"'Ello , this is she. Who is it?" I answer.

Immediately, as the caller begins to speak, I recognize the voice, "Clara," she replies

"How have you been?" I ask giddily.

"Good, what about you? " she says.

"The usual. Work, taking care of the house, Conor still appears at my doorstep to court me er'day. Not much has changed."

"Thought you'd be rid of him by now, can you not get the pig out of the pen? " chuckles Clara

"I know, it's a fret!" Can't seem to get him away," I reply, "I just want to be alone. How hard is that for heaven's sake."

I can tell she's grinning on the other side when she replies, "Alone! Anna, you've had céilis nearly everyday this week, that sure doesn't sound like alone to me."

"Now, now must you throw me overboard!" I exclaim.

" And who was the handsome, dark-haired man that attended the céilis," teases Clara.

" A man, I know of no such person at my céilis," I reply coyly, "You must be dreaming."

"He was present, mustn't you be so coy about it?" she says as she laughs

" Alright, alright. He's James, if you must know." I reply, ' He dropped by to see the new structure that we installed in the home."

Clara laughs and says, "No wonder, you can't be rid of Conor. James probably seems like your next suitor."

As my cheeks blush, I reply, "Suitor?! No, just a friend, I need my solidarity right now."

Doubtfully, she replies, "Ye, ye… If you say so, though I still don't believe you."

With that, she sets down the line and the phone line goes silent. Though short, it was nice to converse with her. As she had mentioned, James, the dark-haired man was indeed handsome, aged fine indeed. Only as Conor had gone had he came, but there was only one problem; as handsome as he was, love was not in my books. I could admit that he was someone of presence to have around. A good presence indeed, but not what she thought of. As I looked back at the pictures from that night, the light warmed the photos as James smiled widely and I seemed to be pulled in closer. I tried to make myself believe that she couldn't be correct, for I had not wanted this; however, \an inkling in me pushed for that to be the truth. It would be nice, wouldn't it?

Part of me wanted to answer "Yes", but another said "No.' It was a difficult decision, for only if I did answer "Yes" would I be hindering my dreams of city life and independence. As long as I had known, my own company was what I enjoyed most; however now, I just found the enjoyment of other people's company and especially one specific person's: James. It just seemed to flow naturally and everything was easygoing. As this was far from the norm, it seemed to be right, but oh what have I done? It had been months since I last considered these fields of emotion. Must they exist! For only as they do does my life become more complicated.

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