Are You A Common White Girl?
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Are You A Common White Girl?

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Are You A Common White Girl?
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Guess what's coming up? Pumpkin Spice season! Oh ... I mean, fall. If you know anything about pumpkin spice, you know all the basic people like me are in love. The older I get, the more I realize that I'm a common white girl, so here is a list of signs to tell if you, too, are a common white girl. Hint: you don't have to be white or a girl to be a common white girl. Just for fun, repost this with your score.

1. You say OMG instead of oh my god or oh my gosh.

2. You literally can't even at least twice a week.

3. You say "like" more than just occasionally.

4. You swear that pumpkin spice is your life-line.

5. Your blood is actually just Starbucks.

6. You get upset when the barista spells your name wrong.

7. You order a frappuccino as a frappe because you think it's cool.

8. You take selfies with your Starbucks every single time you get it because if you didn't then did you actually get Starbucks?

9. You also take selfies at the gym just to prove that you went.

10. You wear makeup to the gym so that your selfie game is strong.

11. You also wear makeup there because you might see "the one."

12. Speaking of "the one" — you're single, but you've already planned your wedding and your future man is going to have to be okay with that.

13. You're obsessed with "Pretty Little Liars."

14. Beyoncé, Katy Perry, and T-Swizzle are your heroes.

15. Fall is your favorite season.

16. Cute hoodies are your calling.

17. Yoga pants are your way of life.

18. So are jeggings.

19. Uggs are your shoe of choice.

20. You say literally, but don't always mean it literally.

21. "OMG I like literally can't even" is a phrase that you say on the regular.

22. You secretly really want a man.

23. But you act like you're a strong independent woman who don't need no man.

24. Bath and Body Works, Victoria's Secret and Lush are your favorite. Especially autumn scents!

25. You also don't know anything more about cars other than yours is cute and it goes vroom vroom.

26. You spiritually relate to the song "But First, Let Me Take A Selfie."

27. In fact, you post a selfie a day, if not more.

28. You know your perfect angle and lighting.

29. Sometimes you only get dressed and put on makeup just to take a selfie.

30. XX Pro or Valencia?

31. You quote Marilyn Monroe constantly (even if she isn't the right person to quote).

32. When you're at a dance you love the Cha cha, Cupid Shuffle and Wobble.

33. You understand why Karen is stupid.

34. You know you can't just ask people why they're white.

35. You both despise and admire Regina George.

36. You secretly are Regina George.

37. You still wonder why Cady Heron isn't black if she's from Africa.

38. You understood every one of those references.

39. Tanning is life!

40. Nutella is your guilty pleasure.

41. You might forget important dates all year long, but you know when Pumpkin Spice is coming back to Starbucks.

42. You're a gold card member at Starbucks.

43. The baristas remember your order at Starbucks, and they probably dislike making it.

44. Pinterest is your alter ego.

45. Everything is your "spirit animal."

46. You've tried playing video games, but you just held up a controller for a selfie to use the #geek hashtag.

47. You type in #hashtags.

48. You don't know what # is other than a hashtag.

49. Tumblr is your life and you're actually a tumblrina.

50. Just like me, you don't care about stereotypes and you own your common white girl personality.

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