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9 Simple Mistakes You Make That Are Keeping You From That Dream Job

I wasn't having any luck in the job search process until I realized these mistakes I was making and made some changes.

9 Simple Mistakes You Make That Are Keeping You From That Dream Job

Since my Freshman year, the concern of finding a career path post-grad has weighed on my shoulders heavily.

Just like high school I became very involved on campus and tried my hardest to build a competitive resume. I submitted so many internship and scholarship applications and put myself out there. Yet, I wasn't having any luck until I realized these mistakes I was making and made some changes.

Sending out a bunch of generic resumes.


This is the number one way to get your resume tossed out. On average, hiring professionals only look at your resume for about eight seconds. It is essential to use keywords that specifically match the keywords in the job description. Also, keep in mind some employers don't even look at your resume. They have machines and algorithms that pick up on certain keywords. Resumes that don't have those keywords sometimes don't even make it to an actual person.

Telling the company how this experience would benefit you, not how you benefit the company.

It's true you need a job, but that isn't the first thing a company wants to hear. Think of the JFK quote, "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country." The same concept applies to business. The company may care if you are really passionate about marketing, but they care more if your skills and experience fit the business. Shape your resume, cover letter, and interviews around the concept of how you could enhance the company.

Simply listing your experiences.

It is amazing if you volunteered at the Humane Society, but it is more important to list the hard and soft skills your learned from the experience. Something like developed time management skills or enhanced customer service skills are things that employers or looking for. Whatever experience you have word it in a way that is appealing to hiring professionals.

Not having a Linkedin.

Linkedin is a great way to put all of your experience out there for employers to see. Many students don't know about Linkedin until they begin the job search, but it is important to start working on making connections on your Linkedin as early as possible. The connections you make in college will help you in the making connections in the job world.

Having party pics on your social media.

While those boozy tailgates are a huge part of your college experience hiring professionals are not impressed. It is important to keep your media clean. It happens more than you would think that potential job candidates are thrown out of the running because of something they tweeted.

Not having any social media at all.

Going off the grid may seem like a good idea but many employers look at your social media. If you don't have any social media there are some jobs you will be tossed out as a candidate. I went to a career panel of employees who worked in human resources. One woman said she had an applicant apply for a social media manager position, but he didn't have a Twitter so his name wasn't considered. If you are applying for a position in media employers are hoping to see more of your work on a personal page. Obviously if you are applying for a social media manager position and don't have a twitter it is likely that you won't even be considered for the position.

Putting high school experience on a college resume.

While being on the lacrosse team in high school is awesome it is no longer relevant to employers once you enter college. Even the work you do in college is not longer relevant after your first job. Be aware of the timeline. Since your resume is one a page long only putting recent experiences is essential.

Not doing face-to-face networking.

As technology is making more and more of an impact on how the world works more and more people apply to jobs online. In fact, I haven't heard of a hiring company accepting snail mail anymore. However, making a face-to-face personal connection is still so important. Once people meet you they will feel more comfortable hiring you. Until someone meets you all they know is how you look on paper. Attending your universities career fairs and find ways to make those personal connections.

Not putting relevant experience on your resume or application.

If you are applying for a position in graphic design putting that you were secretary of the hip-hop club is not relevant. Since resumes are so short it is important to only mention the most important things. This is why it is essential that you take opportunities in college that can be applied to your career.

Don't sweat it. Every college student has faced the daunting struggle to successfully navigating their career path. If you avoid these simple mistakes I guarantee you will have an easier time finding a job. Good luck!

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