Ah, home for the summer. With so many things to do, places to go, and people to see, there are certain times where you may find yourself home for a week, or potentially the whole summer. After being away for two semesters, the little things about coming home go unnoticed.

Lucky for you, I've put some of those favorite little moments into my all time favorite mode of expressing my feelings: vines. Although there aren't any fresh new vines, we can still reflect on the past and savor the summer with some old and fun throwbacks. Enjoy summer and these super funny vines that make my summer as great as this kid elevator jamming.

1. Roomie Leaving The Dorm First

2. Finally Home!

3. And You Might Party A Little Too Hard

4. So It's Time To Hit The Hot Tub

5.Or Take A Trip To The Beach

6. How It Goes Asking For Food

7. However It Might Be This Easy

8. Coming Back To The Siblings

9. And It's Like You've Never Left

10. So Everything Is Back To Normal

11. Until You Find Out They Took Over Your Room

12. You May Be Starting Summer Classes

13. When The Professor Says It'll Go By Quickly

14. And All You Want Is To Pull A Few Shenanigans

15. So Instead You Pull Them At Your Summer Job Or Internship

16. But All In All, It's Great To Be Home