What to watch when you need some comfort and relaxation
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10 Comfort Shows That Never Go Bad

Turn your brain off and reward yourself with some television time.

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Whether you're upset, exhausted from a long day, or just want a good laugh, these shows will always promise to displace you into a calmer version of life. These shows always comfort me, temporarily at least. I have watched them through and through countless times but they always deliver a sliver of hope and joy.


No one told you life was gonna be this way, indeed my friend. No matter how messy or miserable my day has been, this show always takes me out of that mood. I have basically memorized every episode, but every time I watch it, I still laugh just as hard.

How I Met Your Mother

A show that is basically a more modern version of Friends, plus beer instead of coffee. It never fails to make me laugh and it's nice to fall asleep to.


I don't always have the energy to interact with people, but I do want some form of company. The perfect way to combine my introvert and extravert self is to watch this show. It's very realistic, cutaways and JD's imagination aside, and the characters are not the glamorous unrealistic type.

The Office

When Netflix subtitles play the theme song it says "Cheerful Music," which I think says a lot about the ambiance of the show. It's dry humor and random outbursts of physical comedy are a perfect mix. Plus, I swoon after how cute Jim and Pam are as a couple.


This show is not a traditional cartoon. Every time I watch an episode again I realize just how deep the show goes into the society around us and into the human psyche. Some episodes are more profound than others or have a much cuter romantic plot than others, but somehow this show can pack all the emotions and ideas in such short episodes. I definitely recommend watching it through more than once.

Gilmore Girls

Overall, it's a super cheesy show, but the first few seasons of it make me want to abandon my life, rewind back to my teens (gasp), and become a Gilmore. Plus, the amount of coffee they drink in the show definitely increased my cravings and love for coffee.

That 70's Show

This show felt very relatable when I was a teenager, but now when I watch it I feel closer to Red and Kitty. Or maybe I am in a metamorphosis between the two. Either way, I grew up watching this show and the "foot up your ass" bit never gets old. It just takes me back a few years to when I was in high school.

Family Guy

Quick, funny, satirical, and does not take too much brain power to watch. I never go back to watching it from season 1, that would take forever, plus the animation has changed drastically, but overall this show is great to watch when you want to wind down and laugh. Plus there are so many episodes that you basically never run out.


The character development is so hilarious because they just become worse human beings throughout. There's always so much going on with such a minimal plot. All of the episodes are hilarious and the characters always get what they deserve. Maybe Seinfeld is the original Friends but with a more realistic and cynical ending. No matter how many times I have watched an episode, I will laugh just as hard. On the upside, it makes me feel a little better about my moral compass and overall standing as a human being.

30 Rock

Liz Lemon, the ultimate feminist. The older I get, the more i relate to her actions.

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