Combatting Post-Graduation Identity Crisis In A Covid-19 World
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Combatting Post-Graduation Identity Crisis In A Covid-19 World

As a die-hard perfectionist grappling with departed deadlines, a lack of structure and forgotten passions, I have tips for easing the current high tide of our lives that is the Post-Graduation Identity Crisis.

Combatting Post-Graduation Identity Crisis In A Covid-19 World

Have you been spending the last four years constantly choosing exams over friends, coffee over wine, and school over sanity? Rather than focusing on your future, were you doing things for your resume instead of for yourself, desperately trying to fill in blank spaces on a piece of paper rather than making memories? Well, then we're in the same boat of rough, confusing waters, the riptide of life I call the Post-Graduation Identity Crisis.

As a die-hard perfectionist grappling with departed deadlines, a lack of structure and forgotten passions, I have tips for easing the current high tide of our lives that is the Post-Graduation Identity Crisis.

Introspection overload

I didn't completely disregard my social life while trying to keep a perfect transcript track record, but I failed to concentrate on my innermost desires. Covid-19's quarantine has made true introspection inexcusable. While in quarantine, I've spent a lot of time connecting with nature, replacing the usual time spent studying with me, myself and I, reaching my own peace of mind during the coronavirus craze. For the first time in forever, I began to enjoy my own presence again.

Putting others first for once

There's a time and place to be selfish. I've been selfish for the last four years. Now, I finally have time to put my relationships first and make time for loved ones rather than heartless textbooks. By choosing to connect (in social-distance friendly ways) with others rather than obsess over things we have no control over, we get closer to calmer waters.

Doing more of what makes me happy

Getting As and recognition for my strong academic abilities was my sense of fulfillment for as long as I can remember. After virtually graduating, I promised myself to do more of what makes me happy. Whether it's being at the beach until I'm a burnt piece of meat, sharing my gift of writing, or attending Sunday mass, I plan to shift my high achievement levels for school towards self-discovery. From working on my mileage time and learning an instrument, to teaching myself how to draw beyond stick figures, I want to discover myself along the way of doing more of what makes me happy, and you can, too.

We still have homework to do!

No triggering intended, but even though we're officially graduates, we still have homework to do. Researching is nonnegotiable for finding the ideal graduation program or possible career path. Trial and error, discomfort, and impatience is guaranteed, but we must face it head on.

Stop the comparison game. We're each going at our own pace in our own race towards conquering Post-Graduation Identity Crisis. Uncertainty is scary, but awareness is key, and taking action is necessary.

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