5 Ways To Combat The Loneliness You're Struggling With In College
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Student Life

5 Ways To Combat The Loneliness You're Struggling With In College

Loneliness is the worst, so here are five ways to help fight it.

5 Ways To Combat The Loneliness You're Struggling With In College

Every college student feels lonely sometimes. It's hard being in college and being away from your family. There will come a time that almost every student if not every student feels lonely. So instead of just letting it happen and waiting until it passes, here are some productive ways to help fight loneliness before it starts.

Join clubs on campus

Joining clubs on campus is the best way to keep yourself busy and fight loneliness. As relaxing as it sounds to just chill or nap in your dorm, that is when loneliness strikes the most. The more time you spend on your own or away from people, the harder college will be. If you join campus clubs you will meet tons of people and have something to do instead of being bored in your dorm.

Practice self-Care

It is not selfish to want to take care of yourself. Sometimes you need to have a little you time. So take a bath, put on a face mask, watch your favorite Netflix show, or even go work out. Every single one of those things will make you feel better and help you unwind. If you don't look after yourself later on you will feel miserable and drained.

You need to get some sleep

This might be the most important one. You. Need. To. Sleep. Sleeping is scarce in college, I get it. However, it truly is essential to your wellbeing. The more you go without sleep, the worse you feel and the more your emotions are heightened. If your emotions are heightened you will probably be more prone to loneliness. Sleeping may seem less important than everything you have going on right now, but I promise you it is the most important.

Reach out to your friends when you need them

Your friends are there for you. They want to help you. I know that sometimes it seems easier to just try to deal with your problems on your own, but sometimes there are problems you cannot solve by yourself. If you are lonely, there is no one better than your friends, the people around you, to help you. They care for you and love you. Trust them enough to be vulnerable with them. They can only do so much with what you allow them to know. So let them know what is going on so they can be there for you.

Call your family and be with them as often as possible

Sometimes loneliness stems just from missing your family. College sucks in the regard that your family is not easily accessible to you anymore. The more you are away from your family, the more lonely you will be. So make time to call and check up with them. If you are close enough, plan a couple of weekends back. I know you want to be independent in college, but there is nothing wrong with taking the time to go home every once in a while. The more you are away from your family/don't talk to them, the more lonely and detached you will feel. So, take the time to be with them or call them.

I am not saying that these are the five magic keys to never being lonely. You still might feel lonely. These are just ways to help yourself fight and pull yourself out of your loneliness if or when it comes.

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