Color Street nail strips are the newest trend on the market. You may have recently seen your Facebook or Instagram feeds filled with lots of ladies trying to sell this new product or trying to persuade you to join their team.

What are they?

Color Street nail strips are 100% nail polish strips that are made in the USA. They are easy to apply, and they last up to two weeks. The strips have a base coat, polish coat, and top coat all in one. One amazing aspect of the nail strips is that as soon as they are placed on your nails, they are dry. There is no need to dry them or limit yourself from what you can do right after your manicure. They can also be removed with regular nail polish remover. The best part about Color Street nails is that they are only a fraction of the cost you would pay if you visited a regular nail salon. These nail strips range from $11-$14, and if you apply them correctly, you can get two manicures or a manicure and pedicure from each set. These do-it-yourself manicure sets are available in solid colors, glitters, designs, glitter designs, and French tips. Color Street also has multiple collections based on the seasons and events, such as their fall collection, Valentines Collection, and seasonal collection. The company also creates foundation strips, which help to raise money for foundations that promote things such as autism awareness and veteran appreciation.

What comes in a package of nail strips?

Each package comes with 16 nail strips, two alcohol prep pads, and a nail file. The nail strips are in two sets of eight, and they are perforated to pull apart without tearing or ripping them. The alcohol prep pads are used on nails prior to the manicure or pedicure to clean the nails and remove any dirt, lotion, etc. The nail file is individually packaged, and there is one in every package of strips to help with filing and shaping nails in the application process.

How do you apply Color Street nails?

Start by opening the outer packaging, and pulling out the contents. Open one of the alcohol nail prep pads and clean off the tops of the nails you wish to polish. Next, carefully open the clear, plastic packaging that contains the 16 nail strip. Find the strip that best fits your pinky, and tear that strip off along the perforation. Take off the top clear coat, and then the bottom white coat. Next, tear off the tab on the end. Place the nail strip on your nail right above the cuticle, being careful not to cover the cuticle. File away the excess at the top of the nail. In order to maintain maximum usage of the nail strips, use the other half of the nail strip on your other pinky. Continue this process with each of your other nails, ending with your thumbs.

It's as simple as that!

For more information or to buy, visit this Color Street site.