Finding a college virgin is like finding a unicorn and miraculously I managed to find 21 of them that were willing to tell me about their experiences not having sex.

I asked them why they were still virgins, if they'd felt pressured to have sex, and if they had any regrets. While each of them expressed different things about the topic, there were some similarities across the board.

Of the 21, 6 mentioned religion, specifically Christianity, as their reason for not engaging in sexual activities.

5 said they hadn't found the right person yet and 8 mentioned saving themselves for marriage.

Some mentioned practical reasons such as avoiding STDs and pregnancy while others were more focused on the emotional side of avoiding heartbreak and becoming intimately attached to someone they wouldn't spend the rest of their life with.

Only 5 said they'd never felt pressured. The other 16 mentioned feeling pressured by their friends, people they were dating, or the hookup culture in general.

Of the 21, only one expressed any sort of regret. They mentioned wishing they'd just gotten it over with in high school so they could understand what the hype was about and to be able to relate to their friends on the topic.

Overall, I have to admit I was shocked by the results. When I was in high school I thought everyone in college was sexually active so to find these many people who weren't and who were willing to talk about it was surprising to me.

I was also surprised by how many people were virgins by choice and seemed to be pretty content with the decision they'd made. It made me feel great to know that whatever we decide to do with our bodies and our lives, we are not defined simply by our experiences and that everyone behaves differently for their own reasons.

So here's to the college virgins: may your future relationships be everything you've ever hoped for and may you never feel the need to do anything you're not comfortable with. I support you all the way.