College: As told by the cast of Dance Moms
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College: As told by the cast of Dance Moms

It's scary

College: As told by the cast of Dance Moms

There are a lot of TV shows out there that can relate to a typical life of a college student. One of those shows, is the hit TV show, Dance Moms. From the moms, to the dancers themselves, all of them do a good job with telling the story of a college student. Here's just a few of my favorite moments.

1.) When graduation is coming up and you don't even know what you're going to do with your degree:


2,) When the girl you were friends with last year finds a new squad:

3.)When the dining hall finally has something good:

4.) When your professor tells you there's only one exam in his class and it's worth 90 percent of your grade:

5.) When you wake up thinking you have a snow day and find out you don't:

6.) When you've begged your professor to give you extra credit and he finally does:

7.) Showing up on the first day of classes like:

8.) When he calls you back for a second date:

9.) When you're a senior in a class of freshmen:

10.) When your alarm goes off for your 8:30 class on Monday mornings:

11.) When you've studied the wrong material for that big test that is worth 90& of your grade:

12.) When you're the only one doing work in a group project:

13.) When someone walks into class late on the day of a test:

14.) When the person behind you won't shut up:

15.) Pretending to know what's going on in your Calculus Enriched Physics class:

So there you have it!

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