College As Told By 'That 70's Show'

College As Told By 'That 70's Show'

We're all alright!


It's no story that "That 70's Show" was one of the best of it's time. With it's hilarious and realistic antics, most teenagers and college students can deeply relate to it. College is more than crazy. It's filled with confusion, discovery, risk taking, adventure and lots of tears. Most days you'll wake up, more confused than that time you forgot to study for the math test you knew nothing on. Some may say it's indescribable but this show did it without even trying. This is college life as told by "That 70's Show"

1. When the professor wants you to talk about yourself on the first day

2. When it's syllabus week and the professor won't let you out early

3. When you find out the friend who was supposed to take that awful class with you withdraws

4. Finals week got us like...

5. When the professor says there's going to be a group project

6. When the professor says he doesn't take attendance

7. When you're stuck with that annoying brainy, kiss-ass kid in one of your classes

8. When you just can't wake up for that 8 a.m.

9. When you give up trying to understand what your professor is teaching

10. Looking at all the freshman thinking they know what they're doing

11. When someone takes your unassigned, assigned seat

12. When you're trying to study and get your life together and it's just not happening

13. When you think college is going to be fun and exciting but it's really more like...

14. When every guy you talk to thinks you wanna sleep with him

15. When you've been studying for hours and your brain hurts...

16. The freshman that think they are actually going to graduate in 4 years

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1. Ridin Solo- Jason Derulo

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94. Sexy Back- Justin Timberlake

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96. Get Silly- VIC

97. Glamorous- Fergie

98. Fire Burning- Sean Kingston

99. Pretty Boy Swag- Soulja Boy

100. Cyclone- Baby Bash

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18 Iconic Moments From Sex And The City

We all need our girls.


Everyone has heard of "Sex And The City." It is an iconic TV show. Some people love it and some hate it. Even if you hate it, there are some valuable lessons and advice you can get from this show. So if you aren't on board with "Sex And The City," here are some iconic moments that anyone can enjoy and if you do like "Sex And The City," then this is for you.

1. When the four girls all agreed they were each others soulmates


2. When Big and Aidan had their mud fight


Gotta love a good love triangle

3. When all the girls showed up at Miranda's mother's funeral

4. When Charlotte yelled at Big at Carrie's wedding 


5. When Samantha ended things with Smith Jared


6. When the girls told Big to go get Carrie from Paris


"Go get our girl"

7. When Samantha gave her speech about Breast cancer at the benefit 

8. When Charlotte finally got her baby 

All of Carrie's iconic outfits especially the tutu dress


10. When Big proposed with a shoe


11. And when Miranda proposed to Steve 

12. When Carrie was all of us


13. When Charlotte reminded us to keep believing 


14. When Carrie fell on the runway and Heidi Klum stepped over her


15. When Carrie stood her ground with Big


16. When Miranda wanted to be a good mom but also work 

17. When Samantha handed out flyers saying that Richard was a cheater

18. When the girls had one another's back 24/7


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