1. We mess up our sleep schedules

College students come to no responsibilities, so we stay up until ungodly hours of the night binge watching the newest Netflix shows. We go to bed without setting an alarm for the morning and wake up around lunchtime most days.

2. Give our livers a break

We spend our Saturday nights with our families instead of binge drinking at our favorite bars.

3. Reconnect with our old friends

After a semester apart, we finally reunite with our high school friends. We catch up on each other's lives and gossip about all the people we went to high school with who got fat, got pregnant, or have already dropped out of college.

4. Eat real food

We leave the microwaveable meals behind and come home to a fudge filled with groceries we did not have to buy, our favorite hometown restaurants, a Christmas feast, and our parents cooking.

5. Remember how nice it is to have freedom

Instead of just leaving and going wherever, we now have to tell our parents where we're going, who we are going with, how long we will be gone, and so on.