7 Ways Friends University Students Can Make A Difference In The Environment
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7 Ways Friends University Students Can Make A Difference In The Environment

We can do better, and we know it.

7 Ways Friends University Students Can Make A Difference In The Environment
Lais Prado

Friends University is a quaint campus and students can experience nature just by visiting Paul's Pond or sitting in the yard in front of Davis. Don't you want to help keep it as pleasant as it is right now?

Any student, teacher, or faculty member can, and it's easier than you think! We can all protect the environment and it isn't as hard as one might imagine, it just takes a little bit of thought.

These are seven ways you can help protect our earth at Friends University!

1. Recycle old homework and notes

Although some students choose to keep notes and assignments from previous semesters, many students throw out old homework. In America, most people consume over 600 pounds of paper every year.

If an average American does this, imagine how much paper college students consume. Instead of throwing out assignments or storing old papers, try taking unwanted papers to Pro Kansas Recycle for free. There are also apps you can use to scan documents and save them digitally if you're interested in keeping them but don't want the physical clutter.

2. Unplug electronics when you are not using them

Unplugging electronics is an easy way for college students to conserve energy. Try unplugging your phone plug, lamps, or TV when not using them to save yourself money and be eco-friendly in your dorm.

3. Turn off the light

It's simple. When you leave a room, turn off the light to save energy. That's it.

4. Reusable bags

Many people are beginning to replace one-time-use plastic bags with reusable bags. Using sustainable bags means less plastic sitting in landfills for hundreds of years and, in turn, less air pollution for us! Buy fabric bags and we can keep the earth a pleasant place.

5. Keep a fork, knife, and spoon in your backpack

As Americans, we love convenience! However, using disposable plasticware increases the amount of waste in landfills. Bring your own utensils to lower Casado to help decrease your footprint on the environment.

6. Reusable mugs and water bottles

Friends University students can borrow mugs from the Campus Ministries lounge instead of resorting to styrofoam or plastic-coated cups. Although recycling styrofoam is nearly impossible, Americans continue to use 25 billion styrofoam cups each year for coffee. Next time you're heading to class, stop by Campus Ministries and pick up a mug to drink your coffee.

Using reusable water bottles is a practical way for students to be eco-friendly. Reusable water bottles are accessible and inexpensive. By ditching disposable water bottles, college students save money and reduce the amount of plastic in landfills.

7. Turn off the water

You can be an eco-friendly college student by simply turning off water when brushing your teeth, shaving your legs, and reducing shower time. Showering just one minute less than your usual routine will save 2.1 gallons of water. Reduce your consumption of our natural resources by turning off the water.

Making eco-aware choices in our daily lives will prevent further damage on the environment, and keep our earth healthier and happier.

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