8 Random Things College Kids Can Do On Weeknights
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8 Unique Activities to Do With Friends Instead Of Going Out

Sometimes going out just isn't a viable option.

8 Unique Activities to Do With Friends Instead Of Going Out
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Sometimes we all get a little bored of our regular routines throughout the week. You can only sit in a coffee shop for so many hours before you need a change of pace. Find some fun new things to spice up your friend group. Grab a group of friends, or just go solo!

1. Go to a Chinese buffet.

If you're gonna be bloated, be bloated together.

2. Build a fort!

Air mattresses, pillows, blankets, or free wooden pallets outside of Home Depot will all suffice depending on your terrain.

3. Watch Dr. Pimple Popper...

Theres no better form of bonding than shared struggle.

4. Create a joke Tinder.

Making a joke tinder or a group tinder are hilarious ways to get over rejection.

5. Stage an intervention.

Gang up on your friend who has an addiction. From online shopping to iced coffee, we all need a friend to stop us when enough is enough.

6. Volunteer for a charity. 

Go volunteer at an animal shelter, a hospital, or another location in the area that needs some extra love.

7. Recreate celebrity looks at the nearest thrift shop.

Go to a thrift shop and have a contest of who can come up with the most creative look.

8. Explore abandoned places

Find cool abandoned buildings or areas around town and explore.

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