I live in an apartment with three other girls. There are two girls to a room. Or, at least, that's how it's supposed to be. When I first moved in, I had a roommate. We really hit it off and I was really excited we were put together.

She was a second-year student, so she knew the ropes of the place and was just overall, a chill person. I really enjoyed being her roommate.

Then, one weekend when I went home I got a text that she was moving out.

I was shocked and confused, but obviously understanding. Whatever reason she had for needing to move out, that was fine. But it definitely left a dent in our apartment without her being there. It wasn't the same, not one bit.

I eventually got used to having the room to myself and not needing to worry about using my flashlight when I came home a little after she had gone to bed. It was actually kind of nice because when I woke up, I could just turn on the light and do my Bible reading. I still missed her.

One day, one of my other suitemates and I went out to get milk. The door was locked and my room was closed. We came home to it unlocked with my room open and someone's stuff all over the floor.

Apparently, we were getting a new roommate, and they had forgotten to mention that.

More importantly, I was getting a new roommate. Let me be honest, I was really wary of how it was going to go. Were we going to get along? Did she go to bed early? Did she hog the bathroom?

It turns out, we actually got along swimmingly and she was actually my favorite to hang out with around the apartment. We'd go to the gym and workout together, we went to the movies together, she was even with me when I got into my first fender bender.

Sure, she went to be early and it was back to creeping around with my flashlight, but that was alright. The room wasn't empty anymore and we were becoming really good friends.

Christmas break was almost over and I was ready to come back to my roommates and my friends when I got that email.

My roommate had to move out, for entirely financial reasons.

When I came back from break, the room was once again empty, left with only my stuff. Just jokingly, I got to thinking: Am I a bad roommate?

I knew it wasn't true. They both had their reasons for needing to move out, and none of those reasons included me (at least not that I knew of).

So, even though my first semester of college was a lot different than I expected it to be and came with a whole bunch of change, I am thankful for it. Without it all, I would not have made two amazing friends and gotten the change to live with each of them, even for a short while.