There is something in the air, I swear. Both of my suitemates are sick, and I have the most killer headache I have ever experienced. Normally that would just be whatever, but it's testing time.

I am here to vent my frustration at the fact that I woke up so dizzy and nauseated I could barely walk to class (plus I woke up late lol) and yet I'm not allowed to take a sick day. I still have tests to study for, books to read, and assignments to do.

On top of the fact that my work literally never ends, I have classes that take points off if I'm absent. So if I take a sick day, not only am I hindering my workload, I am literally losing points off my final grade.

That's ridiculous. We all get sick, or burnt out, or just plain tired. Colleges need to take into account the fact that we're human and we have lives and living breathing bodies that, with stress, because more vulnerable to diseases.

And yet even though I'm on the verge of getting sick, I only become more and more stressed as the semester goes on. I can't stop working though. School goes on, no matter what.

Don't you think that's a little inconsiderate?