As much as every college student values their education, at times, it feels impossible to survive. Here's the not-so-pretty side of the college experience as told by the great Nicolas Cage.

1. When your professor tells you the exam is cumulative

2. When you’re in the Library at 3 a.m. and someone walks in with Cookout

3. When you wash your hair for the first time in two weeks

4. When you try to plan literally anything for a group project and eventually you just go insane

5. What your whole class is actually thinking when the professor asks who read the chapter for homework

6. When you skip class and find out there was a pop quiz

7. When you haven’t slept in days and someone asks how you’re doing

8. When you felt like you crushed the exam, and then you get the grade back

9. When you decided to look cute for class because the only thing you’ve worn in public for the last month is gym clothes and Crocs

10. When you’re professor asks you why you didn’t cite an article

11. When the rubric says you need primary sources

12. When you get points off for using first-person pronouns in an essay