Affordable Makeup On A College Budget
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Affordable Makeup On A College Budget

Trust me, you don't have to go broke to look fine.

Affordable Makeup On A College Budget
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I have recently become OBSESSED with makeup and I don't really know why. Suddenly I want all the new palettes and lip kits and I feel like most girl (and some guys) my age can relate. BUT, alas, I am but a poor college student. Last weekend, the only reason I could afford a McFlurry is because someone offered to pay for mine. To top it all off, makeup is EXPENSIVE. Luckily, I've been able to find some quality makeup brands/products that fit my budget. Even though they're not the Tarteist Palette (which I got for Christmas FYI and I actually cried when I opened it) or the newest Kylie Lip Kit, they do they trick.

1. Brand:E.L.F

This brand it my GO TO. They have most inexpensive makeup ever ($2 for eyeliner?) and the quality is top notch. Jeffree Star actually did a test between a $95 highlighter and a $4 E.L.F highlighter and the E.L.F. highlighter won! He also loved the E.L.F highlighter so much he did a tutorial with only E.L.F makeup and his reviews were only raves.

Favorite Products:

Waterproof Eyeliner Pen ($2): This eyeliner is much more precise than pencil liner and way easier to handle than regular liquid eyeliner. It will give you wings for days.

Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer ($2)


Just like E.L.F is my go to for my eye makeup, these are my GO TO LIPS. I swear, these puppies don't quit until you do. I've used some expensive lipstick and these bad boys have always compared to or exceeded the quality of lipsticks you'd pay $30 for.

Favorite Products:

Lip Lingerie ($7): These matte formulas will not rub off when you eat, when you kiss, I swear they're there to stay but they won't stain your lips after you want them gone. It's the best of both worlds. Plus, they don't dry out your lips like I've found with a lot of matte formulas.

Velvet Matte Lipstick + Liner: ($7 + $3.50)

Brand: ColourPop

Although their formulas don't always thrill me, they have been claimed to be perfect dupes for Kylie Lip Kits, because they're produced in the same factories as the Jenner Lip Kits. Plus, their color selection is so fire that sometimes I just can't resist. (Plus you get $5 off, which will cover shipping, when you sign up for their emails)

Favorite Products:

Ultra Matte Lips ($7): Sometimes these lippies can be a bit drying and powdery on your lips. I've found that as long as you moisturize and exfoliate your lips close to application and then dab off any excess moisture right before you apply, the color will stay on fairly well and the pigment is always beautiful, so on a budget, these babies are worth it.

Brand: Essence

The Targets by me just randomly stopped selling this brand and I am HEARTBROKEN. Luckily, you can still buy the products online. And when I say these are affordable, I mean: Ramen for dinner every night, the epitome of poor college kid, affordable.

Favorite Products:

Eyebrow Designer ($2): This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE eyebrow pencil. Must I say more? The only problem is a low variety of colors BUT luckily they have other brow products for just $1 more. All I'm saying is this brand has your brows covered.

Eyeshadow Singles ($1.99): PIGMENT PIGMENT PIGMENT. That's all I can say on the quality. As for the use? These little cuties can be used as AMAZING highlighter as well as eyeshadow.

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