11 College Majors As Khalid Lyrics
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If 11 College Majors Had Their Own Khalid Lyric

"Everybody two-step in the motherf*cker."

If 11 College Majors Had Their Own Khalid Lyric

It's no secret that Khalid has come through the woodwork as one of the most popular artists of today.

With his debut album "American Teen" dropping in 2017, his popularity has soared since then. Having released several singles since, Khalid has truly found his place and stood his ground in music culture today.

I took some time and found 11 lyrics from any of his songs that relate to some of the most popular college majors today.

1. Journalism

"Travelling where the wind will take
That might be from place to place"
-"Let's Go"

2. Psychology

" 'Cause there's something that you're doing, has me falling all the way
I'm tripping off your love and all the other drugs we taking
Over all the others, you're the one all over me
I need your therapy, need your therapy"

3. Communications

"Send me your location
Let's focus on communicating
'Cause I just need the time and place to come through"

4. Engineering

"I'm tryna be the best on every song you see me on
And I'm grindin' to the T-O-P
You know I spit dope
Hope you don't O.D."
-"Go Crazy"

5. Music

"I must be honest, I have a lot of pride
But I'm broken inside"
-"Another Sad Love Song"

6. Education

"I don't mean to come off aggressive (no)
I'm just here to pass off the message (yeah)"

7. Biology/Pre-Med

"Keep me alive
Keep me alive
Keep me alive
Keep me alive
Keep me alive
Keep me alive
-"Keep Me"

8. Fashion Merchandising

"Oh, I hope some day I'll make it out of here
Even if it takes all night or a hundred years"

9. Criminology

"All I hear is PAP-PAP-PAP
Blood on his jeans, they made a crease
What's the reason to be grievin'
People dying every week"
-"Go Crazy"

10. Political Science

"My youth is the foundation of me
Oh, I'm proud to be American"
-"American Teen"

11. Accounting

"Cold blooded, cold blooded"
-"Cold Blooded"

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