It's that time of year again... CHRISTMAS COOKIE SEASON!! Who doesn't love cookies? I'm sure we all have a favorite, but have you ever wondered if you taste in cookies reflected your major in college? If college majors were Christmas cookies, what kind would they be?

Art/Theater: M&M

Just like M&M cookies, art and theater majors are fun and colorful!

Business: Molasses

Business majors are smooth like molasses. They dress well. They speak well. They are slick.

Communications: Chocolate Chip

Just as chocolate chip is the most common cookie, communications seems to be the most common major at the time being.

Computer Sciences: Peanut Butter

Computer science majors are the gamers, and we all know how gamers love their snack foods - the Cheetos, Doritos, and peanut butter anything.

Education: Sugar Cookie Cut Out

Education majors (like sugar cookie cut outs) are sweet and creative.

Health Sciences: Oatmeal Raisin

Oatmeal raisin is probably the most healthy choice out of all cookies just as health science majors are probably the most healthy out of all college kids.

Human Services: Gingerbread Men

Careers in human services all deal with people, hence cookies shaped like people best reflect this major!

Law: Snickerdoodle

Law students work very hard in school so they can eventually earn a salary that is cinnamon spice and everything nice!

Math/Engineering: Pizzelle

They are kind of like edible graph paper!

Psychology: Butter Cookie

Psychology majors are always analyzing your every move. So they find it fascinating to observe which butter cookie you choose. They all taste the same, but they are shaped differently.. does that mean picking the pretzel-looking one reveals something about your personality? Or does it just mean you like the ones sprinkled with sugar?

Undeclared: Cookie Dough

Because you don't know what you what to be yet - nor how to even preheat the oven.