To The Girl Crying In The Stairwell, These 5 Things I Promise You

To The Girl Crying In The Stairwell, These 5 Things I Promise You

We're all there with you.


Dear girl crying in the stairwell,

I see you. I see you trying to hide your face as I walk down the stairs, ashamed of your tears as you talk on the phone. But I want you to know there is nothing to be ashamed of. You are brave for wearing your heart on your sleeve. And although I walk by and may not stop and give you the hug I want to, I desperately want you to know that I see you and I see your pain.

I feel you. I myself have cried when I thought nobody was around to see, and sometimes I've cried not caring who does see. There is sadness in this world, and my heart breaks for those that feel lonely and sad and are in a dark place. College is hard. Suddenly we are in this new world with so many new emotions and without the support systems that we grew up with. Depression and anxiety can sometimes be our new roommates, and sometimes it's so hard to keep everything together. But I want you to know you're not alone — I feel you.

I'm praying for you. I know you might not recognize me if you saw me again and I might not recognize you, but know that I think about you. I pray for you and hope that whatever was making you cry is not something you're daily afraid of, but something you carry with you as a reminder of how strong you are. If it was a test you failed, hopefully now you know that failing is not the end of the world and you can continue to live even after that letdown. Maybe it's the fact that you miss your mom so much it hurts. I pray that daily you feel grateful that you love someone so much to miss them, or maybe it's something worse that you're dealing with that only you know about. I pray that you find a shoulder to lean on, and know that your scars are not ugly things to hide but beautiful journeys to be proud of and show your growth as a human.

You are strong. People might think crying is a weakness, but it truly is an example of the strong warrior inside that can handle their sadness effectively and emotionally regulate themselves. Do not be ashamed to cry or be ashamed of the emotions you feel. Tears are beautiful and renewing.

You are loved. I do not know where you came from or your story, but already you have a place in my heart. I know that people out there care about you and I want you to know you matter. And even if you feel like nobody on this earth loves you or does anything to show they care, remember that already someone has died for you just for the opportunity to spend a lifetime with you. When everything on earth fails us, which inevitably it will, remember you have a God that loves you and desires an intimate relationship with you. And He is a God who will dry your tears and comfort your broken spirit.

Girl on the stairs, I've been you and I just want you to know you are stronger than you think. And even in your brokenness, there is something even more beautiful growing from those tears. You are loved, you are strong, I'm praying for you, I feel you, and I see you.

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10 Bible Verses for Self Esteem

Sometimes you need to search for inner strength and find your own self worth.

We all get those days that we just don't feel good enough for anything. Everything is going wrong. For me, I go to the bible to read the words of God. His personal dialog for us is filled with encouragement, hope, and lessons we can learn from. Here are my top ten verses that are uplifting and impacting when at the lowest of lows:

1. Philippians 4:13:

I can do all things in Him who strengthens me.

2. Psalm 46:5

God is within her, she will not fall.

3. Proverbs 31:25

She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.

4. Psalm 28:76

The Lord is my strength and my shield.

5. 1 Corinthians 25:10

By the grace of God, I am what I am.

6. Romans 5:8

I loved you at your darkest.

7. Psalm 62:5-6

Only God gives inward peace, and I depend on Him. God alone is the mighty rock that keeps me safe, and he is the fortress where I feel secure.

8. 2 Timothy 1:7

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love, and self-discipline.

9. 1 Peter 2:9

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

10. 2 Chronicles 20:15

The battle is not ours, but God's.

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11 Ways To Calm Your Seasonal Depression Before It Gets Out Of Hand

7. Treat yo' a nap.


It is about that time of the year when everyone is feeling sad and stressed. This can be caused by the changing of the weather, too much academic pressure as exams press nearer, and many other reasons. Everyone is affected differently and show their problems differently, but it is still a concern.

I am here to offer some words of advice to anyone who may be struggling with something in their own lives. If something applies to you, take the words I present and see how you can act on them. You never know what may speak to you in your time of struggle and stress.

Do not worry because almost everyone else is going through something as well. They may not have as dramatic of situations as yours, but at least know you are not doing this all alone.

1. Dress warmer! 


Dress warmer with extra jackets, gloves, and a hat whenever you go outside. Even if it is only for a few minutes in-between buildings, make sure you keep warm and protected. If you do not own winter clothing, now is the time to invest in some before it becomes too late.

2. Take care of your health! 


Keep drinking lots of water and taking lots of Vitamins. The best way to fight the flu is to try to get extra sleep whenever you can. That means you should take more naps and try to get to bed a little earlier. You do not want to get sicker than you already are, trust me.

3. Call your family...


Maybe it is time to finally give them a call whether it be for a few minutes or an hour long video chat. Even just seeing their faces over the phone may be enough for you. It might also be that time in the school to head back home if you are able to and see them in person. I am sure they would really appreciate that surprise especially if you normally do not visit.

4. Open up to your friends! 


Turn to the people around you who genuinely care about you. They will be able to cheer you up or at least will try to make you feel better. Start doing activities that you enjoy and that make you happier. Overall, if your attitude is positive, you will feel less sad and will be a more fun person to be around. No one likes to be surrounded by gloomy people.

5. Actually do your homework...


Now is not the time in the semester to start to slack off on all your big projects and essays. This is the best time to actually work on them, so now you have to set up a plan that works for you. You know how you can succeed. Make a plan, and stick to it!

6. Set up an appointment with your advisor! 


Maybe you need to try talking to an adviser at your school who can actually help. Chances are they know a fair amount about the classes you are taking and how to help you succeed. You do not have to feel overwhelmed because there are people who want to help. Turn to some people in your classes and see if they understand what they are doing at all before you start to freak out.

7. Treat yo' a nap. 


In college this is almost bound to happen. My best advice is that if you can go to bed at a reasonable time, try to go to bed. If you ever have a moment where you know you are not doing anything, take a nap. Frequent short naps can actually help you, so you may as well try to fit some into your daily routine especially if getting 4-5 hours a night of sleep seems to be your average.

8. Go DO something! 


Go do something with people just to get yourself out there more. Ask your roommate to go get coffee with you. Ask that guy who sits in front of you to see a movie with you. Do whatever you want to do and invite others along. There are always going to be people who will want to join you; you just might have to ask around to figure it out.

9. Watch some scary movies! 


Spooky season will be back around before you know it. It will still live on in spirit, but just know other seasons are coming around anyway. If you are really feeling nostalgic, watch some scary movies with some friends on a Friday night just to remember all the good spooky times.

10. Break out the Christmas music! 


The season I look forward to most of all is just around the corner. Soon enough all the radio stations will be playing carols, all the stores will have trees scattered around the entrances, and cars will be driving slowly through neighborhoods just to look at all the lights on each house. It will be here before you know it, so just always be ready.

11. Look forward to Christmas break!


This is closer than you may realize, so just hang in there for these last few weeks. You will finally be able to relax and not have to think about school or exams. First you have to get to the end of the semester, so just stay focused on exams for now. The fun will come later.

No matter what you may be struggling with, you are not alone this cold season of problems. Find those people around you who will be able to help you the most. You got this!!

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