I'm a college student who has never been to a college party, and I intend to keep it that way.

I have never really been into large social gatherings in general.

The only parties I've ever attended were birthday parties for classmates in elementary and middle school. When I started college, I didn't have a lot of friends. I'm not social, I'm anxious and incredibly awkward. Because of that, I was never surrounded by party-goers that would try to get me to join in. I'm actually pretty lucky.

College parties sound like my personal hell.

They consist of a bunch of extroverts with high energy in a decent sized room. There's overly loud music and way too much alcohol. There's sometimes even illicit drugs involved. Why would I want to involve myself in that sort of thing? (You may be saying to yourself, "You never went to a party. How do you know what they're like?" I may not like parties but I do use social media, where other people post about their college parties.)

I've been in college for four years now and I won't graduate until I'm almost 24 years old.

I've been having a grand time so far, and I haven't used any drugs or alcohol. I've made friends with the same views as me, I've explored my city, I've gone to conventions and concerts. If I've been having a great time doing what I'm already doing, why do I need to include something I hate just to fit in?

It's pretty much assumed that if you don't go to at least a few parties while you're in college, you're probably lonely.

On the contrary, I've met many people who also don't party that are very social and well-rounded individuals. They're intelligent, talent and amazing people. To base some entirely off of parties is childish, to say the least.

In the time you may spend partying, I'm spending with my close friends, reading new books, expanding my knowledge on my major, and taking in the beauty of the world we live in where drugs do not alter my senses. Along with that, many college party goers are typically underage, which can get a lot of people into a lot of trouble.

That trouble isn't worth it. You'll have your whole life to drink, you don't need to get drunk before you're legal.