To The Friends I've Made This Semester In College, Thank You
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To The Friends I've Made This Semester, Thank You For Keeping Me Sane And Keeping Me Happy

Why quality is better than quantity.

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To start, this semester has definitely been a crazy ride from beginning to end but I've had a good support system. When the crushing weight of deadlines and GPA expectations seem to close in around you, it is important to have those who can bring you out of that mindset. There have been countless times where my friends have been the only reason I didn't rip all my hair out and call it quits. It is also important to remember that this can be applied to more than school and grades. A good friend is always in clutch when it comes to anything remotely stressful such as relationships, family, health, other friends.

What I have personally found is that a quality friend can be both fun and light-hearted when necessary and serious and considerate when need be. When you've had a long and exhausting day of appointments, classes, assignments, and work your brain can be a little more than fried. I know that I can count on the friends I have made this semester to welcome me, invite me to midnight food runs, or very many pool games. I also know that I could come in crying and not one of my friends wouldn't offer to listen and help me through anything I'm struggling with. A truly good friend can not only keep you happy and laughing but also offer a peace of mind and sanity.

So, to all the friends I have made this semester, thank you. Thank you for being quality. Thank you for being you because y'all make it all worth it. Thank you for your diverse opinions and crazy theories because it pushes me to spread my viewpoints past what I've always been comfortable with. Thank you for your insane jokes and absurd puns because I need to laugh at goofy things too. The best part of it all is that I get to learn so much from each and every one of the friends I make. You all make me a better person and that is honestly all I could ask for. Thanks for being the most uncool cool friends I've ever had. And know that I appreciate y'all having my back and I'll be there for y'all, too. As Jane Austen once said, "There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends."

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