College as told by the "Friends" cast
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College as told by the "Friends" cast

You'll remember the T.V. show "Friends" forever, just like you'll remember your college years forever.

College as told by the "Friends" cast
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1. You need a cup of coffee, and you need it immediately.

It is not an easy feat when your alarm goes off at exactly 6:55 am, and in another five minutes at 7. You struggle to throw your body over the edge of the bed, and throw on some clothes before you run out the door to start your day. Yet, it takes a solid two hours for your brain to start fully functioning.

2. When you've been in class all day and your stomach starts rumbling.

Your professor has been dragging on for over an hour now about the prehistoric art of the Paleolithic Age. You stare at cave paintings of animals on the projector as your professor drones on about the comparison between God knows what. All you can think about is what fast food joint is having the best happy hour deals, and if you can make it there in time. After all, you are a broke college student.

3. All of those assignments are starting to pile up, but you just cant be bothered.

You've almost finished your third week back to school after that not near long enough holiday break. Your classes are starting to show their true colors, and just how much effort you will actually have to put into your classwork, and homework to succeed. You don't let that stop you from treating yourself to a nice relaxing bath to destress from all of that...well....stress.

4. You finally force yourself to work on that homework that is due at Midnight.

You have been at that Quantitative Reasoning for two hours now, and despite all of those conversion factors that you are working on you keep getting 2.892735 mL of oil, but the answer key is telling you that you should have 2.3057293 mL. It has reached the point where you're about to rip your hair out, or possibly kill the person who interrupts you ferociously punching in numbers on your calculator. Despite all of the frustrations you trudge on because you only have ten minutes left to submit your final answers.

5. When you sit down to take the exam and don't recognize the questions being asked.

You rack your brain for any recollection of an example from your readings of cosmic irony, but all you can remember is that was the day your group chat of best friends was blowing up your phone. All because Sally needed tips on talking to the new pledge in that one fraternity. Heres to hoping you can partially guess the right answer.

6. Its Monday, and you finally get that test back and who would've guessed you actually passed.

The testing Gods must have been on your side this time because two more incorrect answers and you would've been looking at your first D of the semester. You silently thank the Lord above while telling yourself that you will actually study for the next exam. Lets be honest though. You've been known to ignore your conscience before.

7. You have been wearing those same sweat pants for three days now.

You are really hoping that your Monday/Wednesday classmates haven't noticed that you are rocking those glorious comfy pants again. Not that you would actually care if they had noticed, but maybe it would make you realize that it is time to finally do your laundry that you have been putting off for over two weeks now.

8. It's finally the weekend, and it may be time that you actually start pulling your own weight.

You have gotten out of being the designated driver for three weekends in a row now, but your friends are starting to notice that whenever it's your turn you somehow get out of it. Yet, this weekend it looks like you may have pulled the shortest stick, and will actually have to contribute to your share of being responsible. ICK.

9. In college your two favorite words are Free and Food. When they are used together it's an offer you simply can't refuse.

There are those oh so glorious moments on campus when they occasionally hand out those free chocolate donuts, and that complementary breakfast during finals week. You are ecstatic and are tickled pink at the chance of free food. Let us not be quick to forget all of those local restaurants that give you that amazing 10-15% off student discount. Without them you would be nothing.

10. It's Thursday again, and you cannot wait to get out of class to start the festivities.

At exactly 5 p.m. you will run to your pantry that holds your favorite stash of alcohol only to remember that you polished off that bottle of wine in your attempts to destress in that bubble bath that you took on Monday. Fear not though because you know that this just means that you and your roommates will have to go to your favorite Mexican restaurant. After all you can never go wrong with those $5.00 margarita pitchers, and those delicious bowls of chips with salsa.

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