Going Back To College After Break As Told By 'Kim Possible'
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Going Back To College After Break As Told By 'Kim Possible'

Here's the sitch: Getting used to school again is SO not the drama.

Going Back To College After Break As Told By 'Kim Possible'

Going back to school after a long break can be a traumatic experience. Your bedroom, backyard, and private bathroom are replaced by a dorm the size of a shoebox and a bathroom that seventeen other people share with you.

Knowing that everyone else feels your pain can help, and knowing Kim Possible feels your pain can help even more. Let the red-headed goddess of teenage crime-fighting (and her friends) explain the familiar scenes of coming back to school after break. She'll get you through this.

Everyone shows up flaunting their holiday haul.

Whether it's a check from grandma, new boots from Santa, or a necklace from your significant other, everyone rolls up in the new year with some new gear.

Every professor starts syllabus day with a ridiculous amount of enthusiasm you can't possibly keep up with.

I've faced everything from a slideshow of homemade memes to a long round of forced "good morning's" that go on until the prof is satisfied with the volume. Just let me huddle over my coffee and try to keep my eyes open, please.

The transition from days full of free time to days full of class and homework is slow and painful.

Spending a full week binging "New Girl" is a beautiful thing. It's also an impossibility in college world. Let's hope you appreciated it while you had the chance!

You're convinced that everyone else has it together and that you're the only one drowning in responsibility, so you try to fake it 'till you make it.

How does everyone look so cute on the first day? How are they even unpacked? Am I the only one who didn't know there were three chapters to read last night?

Your professors decide to start the semester off right...that is, with hours of review work when all you want is hot chocolate and a nap. And your dog. So you throw yourself a well-deserved pity party.

This will involve anything from calling your mom to complaining to roomies over Chick-fil-A to taking a dangerously long nap. It's okay. You've (sort of?) earned it.

You get re-acquainted with the dining hall and, if you're me, fall back in love with their burrito bowls.

There's something immensely satisfying about fitting five burritos-worth of filling into one bowl. Plus, if you throw enough lettuce in, it's basically a salad! But nothing will ever taste as good as Ron's Naco looks.

The resolutions you made last year haunt the back of your mind, and are conveniently forgotten as soon as that one friend invites you to go to the gym.

You would if you could, but, you have that...thing tomorrow! Oh, and also the next day. Yep, that one too...rain check?

You get a dozen emails with assignments due before classes even start. And a dozen more the next day.

This definitely goes back to the whole enthusiasm thing. Why can't we just ease into the semester? Instead, we get three hours of homework on day -1.

Something will go wrong. Your textbooks ship late, you show up in the wrong class, you sleep through your 8am. It's week one, and you're already over it.

This can be ridiculously frustrating. But don't let it shut you down! There are always more straws in the back. And there will always be a chance to turn things around!

The first few days can be rough. But before you know it, you'll get your routine down, figure your schedule out, and hit your stride.

Channel your inner Kim. Nothing's impossible for a Possible!

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