In case someone has not been caught up with current events, the College Admissions Scandal has been all over the news for the past three weeks and anyone as far as I'm concerned I'm not completely surprised by this situation. To a lot of people, the College Admission Scandal of wealthy people allegedly bribing school officials in order to get their child into elite universities such as Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, USC, UCLA, Stanford, etc... didn't exactly come as a surprise. To me, it didn't come as a surprise, because getting into college these days are becoming more difficult for kids and people with money tend to be extremely powerful. There are people out there who complain that affirmative action gives an unfair advantage to students of color in admissions, yet it is the rich and well-connected have rigged the system that has already favored them anyway. Don't get me wrong everyone has had help along the way, but this was fraud and that is simply inexcusable.

This story made me think about students of color and poor white students who are constantly trying to prove that they belong and to see these wealthy people try to rig the system in order to get their mediocre children into a prestigious school. I was incredibly angry by this because the system already favors rich white students anyway and their parents could have gotten tutors to help them improve their grades. I just think to resort to bribing is going too far and now their children are going to "suffer" from their parents' actions. Parents will do anything for their children, but the actions of Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman was selfish because one thing that wealthy people tend to do is to brag about their children and they will do anything to one-up each other. One thing that I found really strange was the fact Lori Loughlin showed up to court in a party bus and was signing autographs, I thought it was tone deaf because she committed a crime and she came across like that she had no remorse for her actions.

I am glad that the college admissions scandal is so public because now people will understand how students of color have the odds stacked against them. It is extremely important to shine a light on this issue because this would happen behind the scenes and now people have to be really careful. I just think this situation is really important and the kids who worked hard and didn't get into their dream school suffer the most in all of this.