Coca Cola is an American tradition. Invented in Atlanta, Georgia in 1886 by pharmacist Dr. John S. Pemberton and his colleague Frank M. Robinson. Their new concoction became a hit in the southern town and it soon spread to neighboring states including Mississippi and Tennessee. By 1916, nearly 1,000 bottling plants were established and a trademark bottle became known by customers throughout the south. Fast forward to today, Coke has become the world's #1 best-selling carbonated beverage, and there's a reason: it's the BEST one. That's right. Coke is better than Pepsi.

Pepsi was invented by Caleb Bradham in 1893, nearly a decade after Coke was introduced. I'm sorry, but that's a little fishy to me. It was introduced as "Brad's Drink," which, to be quite frank, sounds disgusting. If I were really thirsty and I wanted something to drink I would NOT want something called "Brad's Drink" to quench my thirst. The drink's name was changed to "Pepsi" in 1898, which isn't much better, by the way, as it is named after "dyspepsia," which means "indigestion." I think I'd rather take Brad's Drink.

Okay, okay enough with the history; let's get down to taste. Coke simply tastes better. I am drinking one while I am typing this article, as a matter of fact. Coke is sweet, but not too sweet and has subtle hints of vanilla and caramel. Pepsi, on the other hand, is straight sugar. If I wanted to drink high fructose corn syrup with a straw I would go do that, but that's not what I asked for I wanted a soda, but Pepsi had other plans. Pepsi is for immature children at their 4th birthday party. Coke; however, is for responsible adults who like to laugh about the time the server at Ruth's Chris brought them still instead of sparkling. If you don't believe me, go up to the next person you see and ask them if they like Coke or Pepsi more. Chances are they will like Coke more because the majority of people do.

So, next time you are ordering a fizzy, refreshing, cold drink make sure it is a Coke because a Pepsi will just ruin your meal.