10 Phoenix Coffee Shops That Will Leave You Wanting More

10 Cozy Coffee Shops To Visit In Phoenix, Arizona When You Want To Unwind From The Daily Grind

Calling all coffee lovers in Arizona, you need to head to these hidden gems.

Shannon Haupert

If your love language is coffee and you live in Arizona, this is for you.

I know, there is a Starbucks on every corner. However, there are also many teeny tiny coffee shops that will have you swooning. These are the 10 coffee shops to house all of your conversations and study days for the semester.

1. Luci's at The Orchard

Luci's is the perfect shop for all of your small town vibes and needs. This is probably one of the most family friendly places that Phoenix has to offer. You won't regret making a stop here whether you have hours upon hours of studying ahead of you, or you just need to get the kids out of the house. Luci's is the perfect place to make a stop at no matter what time of year.

2. Sip Coffee and Beer House

Sip Coffee & Beer on Instagram: “Bad day? Coffee. Good day? Coffee. Stressed? Coffee. Happy? Coffee. Inspired? Coffee. Coffee? Coffee. Happy Hump Day 🐫 #humpday…”

Sip can be found deep in the heart of Scottsdale or in Phoenix and no matter which one you choose to go to, you won't regret it. This place has an artsy feel and the baristas are always super kind.

3. Lux

This Portland-level coffee shop will have you drooling. They have quality coffee, sweets, and mac n' cheese. This crowded shop will have you feeling a new level of hip. Be prepared to feel fully engulfed in writers and creatives.

4.  Copper Star

This adorable little shop sits on 7th ave. You can catch some sweet art on the walls while you eat some tasty food and sip on a hot (or cold, we're in Phoenix, let's be real) latte.

5. Be Coffee + Food + Stuff

Head downtown to drink some coffee at this little shop. You can grab a cup of coffee and explore the murals downtown or sit in their cute little shop and chat with a friend.

6. Berdena's

To any creatives looking for somewhere to work, this place has ya' covered! This cute shop can be found in Old Town Scottsdale and it is also very aesthetically pleasing!

7. Union Coffee Company

West Valley folks, this one is for you! You can find this very aesthetically pleasing coffee shop in Peoria. The employees are kind and since this small place in new, getting your coffee here is a great way to support a small, local, business.

8. Driftwood

This is another West Valley shop. You can go here to find quality art! They switch out the pictures on the wall for a different artist every now and then, so you can also always have a change of scenery!!

9. Press Coffee

Not to be dramatic, but Press supplied me with the best vanilla latte I have ever consumed. Go there. You won't be mad.

10. The Grand

The Grand is located downtown and will leave you wanting to come back. You can get stuff done or chat with friends while drinking some grand coffee (HA PUNNY) and consuming some delicious food.

Whether you are a creative looking for somewhere to work, or a social butterfly looking for more places to catch up with your friends, these are places you have got to try out. From lattes to cold brew, you are sure to enjoy parking it at any of these locations and enjoying some good vibes.

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