I am half-way through my FIRST month on the World Race out of eleven months and it has been a WILD RIDE. I blog about ministry, my heart, and where I am at a decent amount, but there is a very important topic that I felt needed to be shared and I need to vulnerable about it. I am addicted to coffee shops worldwide. I seek them out whenever I have free time and I don't care if it is not healthy. I have been to four different types of coffee shops the past two weeks and I KNOW more will come. Here are my favorite 5 coffee shops you must try if you find yourself exploring Medellin, Colombia (I better get credit though if you fall in love with one while visiting).

1. Pergamino


Pergamino Cafe has been known as the "World Racer Hub" because, and I am not lying, we pack that place up. It has a decent amount of room, but when we are in there, we create a scene (always). I like it because it gives you different options of seating like near the cashier, a seating area outside, a separate couch area with plug-ins for workers, an upstairs area, and a tiny bar. One of my favorite things about this place, besides the branding and aesthetic, is the fact the workers do not care that you do not speak the language and really work with you on ordering!! It feels amazing feeling welcomed.

The must try things: Grilled Cheese dipped in their Tomato Soup with a Caramel Latte Frappe.

2. KJ


Art, Shopping, and COFFEE. This was my little secret place this month. A group of four, including me, found it and kept it to ourselves so it did not become the next "hub." First of all, the shop is adorable and every artistic creation was created by local artists like notebooks, photos, stickers, pillows, etc. It made me feel like I was diving into something new and beautiful. They had great coffee and they casually have beer?? This place was quiet and content. It was near what we called the "Trader Joes" of Medellin and a Hampton Inn. It was located in such a beautiful neighborhood near one of the best malls in Colombia.

The must try things: Black Hatsu Tea (basically a black tea with Lemonade) and you MUST buy one of their color hand-painted notebooks.

3. The Bakery


This bakery is connected to the homeless shelter/rehab/church building that I am currently living in to do ministry. They have their men in the rehab program work here for free to gain experience while in the program. Then, since no one is getting a salary, everything here is below a dollar! The World Racers eat here every morning. We get cheesy pastries or churros with a side of cafe con leche (coffee and milk).

I love the purpose behind this place and the fact worship music is playing all day, every day. It is comfortable and friendly.

The must try things: the churro doughnut BY FAR and their 30 cent cafe con leche.

4. Cafe Velvet


This was one of the newer places I tried! I have to say I liked it, but I prefer the places above! The one thing that stood out was the seating with personalized desks. I got to sit on a velvety couch and had my own little pull-up desk. I got a caramel latte and watched The Bachelor! It was great because no one judged me for the five hours I was sitting there getting caught up on life. This is across the street from Pergamino so if Pergamino is packed, this is your next best option without taking an uber.

The must try things: the chocolate pastries!

5. Mitos & Tiki Taka in Guatape, Colombia


First of all, Guatape is the place of my dreams. I felt like Dorothy when she woke up in munchkin land. The colors, the atmosphere, and the fact there were other Americans made it feel like a dream! If you are ever visiting Medellin, hop on a $5 bus to Guatape and stay awhile! Mitos and Tiki Taka were the two coffee shops I tried during my one day visit to Guatape. Tiki-Taka was my "let me quickly run in and grab a latte" place. I was OBSESSED with my caramel latte, except for the fact they did not offer milk substitutions. I am a soy milk drinker, so this was not my fave and I could only pay in pesos!

If you are loaded with those pretty dollar bills and do not have milk allergies, I 10/10 recommend this caramel latte. I spent a few hours at Mitos, a hidden coffee oasis, within the town of Guatape. No one was in there because it was so hidden. I loved the scenery and the fact it was quiet. Plus, I am a sucker for any place that has iced tea.

The must try items: Caramel Latte (because duh) and the Spring Awakening ice tea.