Drinking Coffee Taught Me A Lot About Racism And How Our Society Is A Melting Pot

Drinking Coffee Taught Me A Lot About Racism And How Our Society Is A Melting Pot

If we can appreciate mixtures of colors and tastes, we can appreciate a mix of cultures.


Pouring cream into black coffee does not make the black coffee weak - it simply lightens the flavor so that the taste rolls more sensitively through the tongue, and creates the delicate balance between the sweet cream and dark, pungent brew. The significance of this carefully developed equilibrium can also pertain to humankind's lifelong battle with racism.

Back in the eighteenth century, there was an abundance of cream, or Caucasians, in America. As African Americans started emigrating, the "cream" gradually turned darker in color, and more sharper in taste, until we reached the tall Caffe Americano blend we see today. Even though the rich coffee beans and cream combined took a long time to overcome individual discrimination and segregation, their persistence in attempting to create equality and establish personal freedoms allowed each side to take a step forward and eventually meet each other in the middle. After their initial grudging acceptance of a diverse population, cultures started to merge - black and white turned into a mottled brown.

But an increase in black coffee over cream does not mean the cream is repressed; it just represents a more prominent Colombian roast flavor, followed by a sweet creamy aftertaste - the ratio of the two ingredients may differ in various parts of the cup, but the united front they bring to the taste buds is a flavor that only the two together can produce. Likewise, the cooperation of the two races can construct a mutual understanding of one another and can result in peace, increased prosperity and immersion into different languages and culture. Neither race is superior over the other - every human being deserves equal rights. With combined effort, we can acknowledge that we are all equal and break down another isolating barrier within society.

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5 New Year's Resolutions

That are truly beneficial



1. Pledge to do something active every day

This may sound a little silly, but any sort of activity will help you destress and feel good about yourself as well, plus who doesn't enjoy a little time outside? It is really important to stay active and healthy, especially while you are young! It is proven that exercising releases endorphins which will decrease your stress and truly just make you feel healthier.

2. Pick a word to live by for the entire year 

This is incredibly beneficial! Last year, I chose to live by the word: Patience, and let me tell you this made a HUGE difference in my life, throughout 2018 I was constantly thinking about how to live my life with more patience, and now I truly know what being patient means (in all aspects of life). My word for 2019 is Mindfulness!

3. Find Something Positive in Every Negative Life Situation

This one sounds really corny, I know, but it truly makes an impact on how you handle life situations. I have handled a lot of them very badly, but when I started to reflect on the positives, I began to look at these situations as life lessons or stepping stones, that way it did not feel like it was the end of the world to me, which bad life situations should NEVER make you feel like that.

4. Save money every day

We all know our world revolves around money so, to eliminate that stress, pledge to save money everyday! Start a money jar and put the amount of your choosing in it everyday- it could be a penny or it could be five dollars, it really adds up in the end.

5. Set goals for yourself

This is really important, especially if you have a goal oriented personality like me! I thrive on trying to reach my goals, therefore when I started setting goals for myself I noticed a huge improvement in my productivity and work ethic. I chose to set small daily goals, sometimes different each day, like: clean my room, do dishes, etc, as well as setting larger, long term goals like: get in to my dream med school, save ten thousand dollars in a year, and little goals to live by like: go to class all semester, get up earlier, stick to a sleep schedule, clean out closet once a month, etc. I have truly noticed a difference in my life since I have written these goals down on paper, I have noticed myself genuinely working hard to achieve them and feeling better in the process, which is why I believe everyone should try it!

These are 5 New Year's Resolutions that will truly make an impact in your life and health (mental and physical)!

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7 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Elect Arish Virani As Vice President Of The Georgia Beta Club

Arish Virani is not your typical candidate; the only way he knows to take the Georgia Beta Club is up into the air!


In less than a month, the Northview Beta Club will be attending the 2019 Georgia Beta Convention in Savannah. With a record-breaking number of attendees once again, the Northview Beta Club will be returning with a new candidate running for the Georgia Beta Club Vice President. After a successful campaign of our last year's candidate, Arya Vajpayee for Secretary, Arish Virani will be attending Beta Convention, eager to spread his own ideas to take the Georgia Beta Club above and beyond in addition to getting to know and befriending many other dedicated volunteers.

Arish Virani. To many of you readers, it is an unfamiliar name that has no significance to you. However, as you will soon come to know, Arish Virani is someone who is the epitome of dedication, compassion, kindness, and many more. Working alongside him as the Northview Beta President has allowed me to glance at him in a perspective no other has been able to: his dedication and love for the Beta Club. Furthermore, I have developed a close friendship with him of over two years all because of Beta.

It is with this knowledge that I can guarantee that Arish Virani will be perfect as the Georgia Beta Vice President.

Vote here online at www.betaclub.org/vote! Your membership ID number can be found on your badge.

Without further ado, here are nine reasons as to why you should vote for Arish Virani on January 24, 2019!

1. He possesses a magical ability to establish close and personal connections.

Arish has a sort of magical power to be able to quickly foster personal relationships with anyone. It is this personal skill that I believe will be of extreme value as a leader.

Arish once told me that: "As an individual, Beta provides an opportunity to learn more about myself through my passions and volunteering, create lifelong friendships with my fellow officers and members, and actually make a large impact on the community in which I was raised in."

With his outgoing personality to approach anyone anywhere and befriend them within minutes, Arish shows himself not only as an excellent leader but also as a great companion and friend to keep for years and years.

2. He carries a warm and compassionate heart towards everyone.

Arish never loses a moment to make sure that everyone he works with and leads is under the best mental condition. As a matter of fact, Arish initiated a project to reach out to Northview's incoming freshmen class and get to know each individual personally. He provided each one of them a weekly email filled with inspirational messages, along with his personal information for each to contact him if they ever need upperclassmen advice or simply someone to talk with.

This is one of the main reasons as to why Northview Beta Club is filled with many happy, dedicated volunteers, striving to aide the community.

3. He holds a strong passion to volunteer on a daily basis without any incentive.

Aside from acting as Co-President of the Northview Beta Club, Arish has also spent at least four years volunteering downtown, teaching children how to play chess. However, it does not stop there. He continues to volunteer alongside the Northview Beta members since the start of freshmen year in high school.

When sitting down with Arish for an interview about where his passion to volunteer arose from, Arish says: "I sat down and talked to him — a man who is usually invisible to the rest of society. That conversation drove me to become more aware of society's inequity over time and ultimately made me interested in Beta. Beta's platform prioritizes service before self and highlights the importance of how volunteering improves society."

4. He never ceases to allow the Northview Beta Club members lose passion for volunteering.

Northview Beta Club hosts a club meeting once every month, where we discuss future volunteer opportunities. However, Arish also utilizes this opportunity to motivate our 500 members gathered in the Northview. There, he provides a brief inspirational message to all. As a matter of fact, during our last Northview Beta Club meeting, Arish chose that as an opportunity to encourage our members to apply for the Johns Creek Student Leadership program, which is a program dedicated to "develop, energize, and activate community leaders in Johns Creek."

On an everyday basis, Arish continues to encourage our members to go above and beyond.

5. He continues to be optimistic on a daily basis for others, sometimes in the loss of his own.

During the first school semester of any school year, the Northview Beta Club tends to be rather busy amongst the officer board team. However, this year proved to be the busiest of all. With hosting Stress Awareness Week and a bubble tea fundraiser while extending our hand into the community by reaching out to multiple organizations for possible volunteer opportunities, the Northview Beta Club officers were busy busy busy.

There were several occasions when a couple of the officers have stumbled and made a couple of errors. Due to these errors, those people were upset at themselves for making such mistakes. However, Arish gladly did his best to continue to allow his fellow officer teammates know that it was alright. Sometimes, he put others first before he dealt with his own problems.

6. He has a humorous personality and a strong ambition for GOAT status.

Arish is not your typical candidate. He knows when to separate being humorous to being serious. Aside from knowing the time to get serious, Arish tends to create a warm environment for both the entire officer team and the entire Northview Beta Club. By cracking jokes to break the awkward silence or a tense environment, Arish definitely holds the ability to create a fun environment to work in.

Arish is the candidate that can do both.

7. He carries a strong will of persistence, developed by his years as an athlete.

Upon interviewing Arish, I learned of his strong athletic background, extending from his elementary school days. From speed skating to cross country, Arish is definitely experienced with working with a team.

As a matter of fact, he has grown his perseverance from those aspects of his life. Interestingly enough, participating in a sport led him on a road to discovering the Beta Club.

"After my gruesome speed skating injury, I looked for a new, positive passion to channel my energy into. Through the Beta organization, I developed intangible communication, leadership, and collaborative skills that proved indispensable for my current aspirations in Beta and other organizations."

When I asked Arish who his hero was, as his own campaign slogan is "Into the Air, with Arish!" he said:

"When I was 10 years old, my mom asked me, 'Who do you look up to?' I told her I would get back to her in a day. After pondering, I told her it is me in five years. Every single step I take, every single action I make, every decision I make, every day that passes — my hero will always be five years in the future. This constantly makes me want to chase my "hero" and better myself every day. The four pillars of character, achievement, service, and leadership define every move I make and ultimately assist me in reaching my "hero." "

Honestly? What else can I say? Everything he said speaks for itself.

So, vote for Arish Virani for Vice President of the Georgia Beta Club this Thursday, January 24th, 2019 before 11 PM online at www.betaclub.org/vote! Your membership ID number can be found on your badge. Happy voting!

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