March is the month to drink coffee or tea like people do in your target language's country! Ever wonder what the traditional ways of drinking coffee in other countries are? Now is your time to find out. I was mainly able to find European and American countries that have coffeehouse cultures. Many countries throughout Africa, the Middle East, Asia and parts of Europe (mainly the UK and Russia) have strong tea cultures that I'd love to write a future article about.

Many of these countries also have the "coffeehouse culture" that gives you the freedom to drink coffee or tea any way you want at specialty cafes. I've listed ways of drinking coffee that are unique to each country. Due to globalization, many of these are starting to make their way around the world, such as how the coffee culture from multiple European countries is making strong imprints on the US. After all, cultures have always been shared.

Without further adieu, here goes!

1. Finland

Cheese coffee! There are special types of cheeses you can put in your coffee.

2. Turkey

In Turkey, coffee is traditionally drunk with a cezve, and the beans settle on the bottom.

3. Italy

Made with the strongest beans possible in an espresso machine, and best consumed within five minutes for a good boost to your day!

4. Australia

In Australia, it is popular to put ice cream in your coffee.

5. France

In France, café au lait (coffee and milk brewed at the same time) is the popular way to take your coffee.

6. Ecuador

In Ecuador and throughout much of Latin America, people brew raw sugar with their coffee.

7. Morocco

In Morocco, people put cloves and other spices in their coffee.

8. Hong Kong

In this country, you can blend coffee and tea together!

9. Venezuela

Venezuela has something similar to a café au lait: combine milk and expresso and warm them at the same time.

10. Poland

Poland is one of those countries with a similar coffee culture to the US, but it is also known for instant coffee and specialty coffee shops around its old towns.

11. Colombia

In Colombia, cafes actually break down the coffee by region of the country. They also take much pride in getting it straight from the farm.

12. Canada

Maple syrup coffee! Add a spoonful of maple syrup.

I hope you enjoyed this list! Does your country have a special way of drinking coffee?