It has been months since I first walked past you, and you've consumed my thoughts. I want to make the first move, you're everything I need. I walk past you the same time each day, giving me butterflies, filling me with giddy excitement. You're my last thought at night and my first thought in the morning.

Questions consume me, "Where do I begin?" "Do you notice me admiring you?". I try to suppress my feelings and stick to what is comfortable. But the 'what ifs' are all I can think of. This could change my life, you could be the one, you could be the one I greet in the morning before work and again at night when I am cramming for a test.

I find myself taking a certain route just because I know I'll walk past you. I know as soon as we meet I will be hooked. Do I settle for the blissful ignorance that I have been living in or dive into the thrilling unknown?

I've decided to make the leap. I walk up, sweat beginning to form on my palms. How do I approach this? I say what feels right. "A medium cold brew please!" The barista hands me the chilled cup and I stick a straw in. The sound of the straw meeting the coffee and ice was a greater sound than I could have ever imagined.

It's time for the first sip. I'm nervous, this will make it or break it. If it's bad, we never see each other again. But if it's good, oh if it's good, everything changes. My lips cautiously meet the tip of the straw, I take it in slowly.

The coffee fills my mouth, the fireworks have gone off in my brain! It's wonderful, it's what I imagine heaven is like. What have I been missing? Apparently, the greatest feeling of all time. That's all it took, one sip is all it took. I'm hooked.

I go to the same coffee shop every day, order the same drink. It has been that way for months, but I am beginning to grow tired of the same thing. The fire that I once felt is beginning to diminish. The excitement of seeing you every morning has turned into just another part of my routine.

There's a new coffee shop I've been noticing. They seem exciting, daring, and a fresh start that I think is much needed. I think its best for both of us if we move on.