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Coco & Eve

So for this article, I'm going to talk about one of my favorite brands that I discovered not to long ago. The brand is called Coco & Eve and they are absolutely amazing. When I first discovered them they were mainly a hair care brand but since then they have ventured into body care as well. So I wan to just talk about their products and why I love them so much. The products I will be discussing are their Hair Masque, their Bali Bod Bundle and their Bali Bronzing Foam. Each of their products are made from fruits and resources that can be found in Bali where the company originated. All their products are Vegan friendly and cruelty free. They are also pretty pricey but I promise you it's worth it and they are always helping their customers out as their products are constantly on sale, people are given discount codes and they offer Afterpay so you can pay in installments.

Like a Virgin Hair Masque


Like a Virgin, Hair Masque has completely transformed my hair. The two main ingredients are Coconut & Fig. The masque is a 5 in 1 treatment that helps restore dry & damaged hair, improve hair texture and shine, hydrate and deeply condition, treat split ends and tame frizz all in just 10 minutes. For extra help, you can leave the masque on overnight or apply some in the morning and leave it in. The masque comes as a set at $44.90, a besties option that's stand alone (masque no comb) currently at $62.80 oras That's A Wrap Bundle which includes a microfiber towel currently at$54.90. This bundle also comes with a choice to choose which design you want on your hair towel. The special comb that comes with it is one of the only combs I've used that easily detangles my hair without snagging or ripping and pulling at my hair. Coco and Eve has taken me from switching out hair care products all the time to finally having a routine and products where I can see and feel the difference.

Bali Bronzing Foam


The Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam is self-tanner with “zero nasties“. Vegan, 100% Natural DHA and made using Mango and Guava. The products use a unique CellushapeTM formula that helps hydrate and firm the skin. The foam helps blur pigmentation and perfects skin, created using a lightweight, non-sticky formula and it's fast drying and results can be seen in just 2 hours. This product is perfect to help even out your tan like around your thighs and feet and your face. There are three shades of the tan that match up with your skin tone and the shade you want your tan to be. There's medium, dark and ultra dark. Lighter skin tones should go with medium, medium skin tones should go with dark and deeper skin tones should go with ultra dark. The bundle comes with a hypoallergenic mitten for your body and a vegan free kabuki brush for your face. I love this product because it's is extremely hard for me to actually tan without getting a super bad sunburn in the process. This has taken that away and also helps even out any existing tans you might have. For best results make sure your skin or at least the areas you applied the foam stay hydrated so moisturize. As of right now this product is currently out of stock but the current cost is $46.90.

Bali Bod Bundle 1


Recently they just launched a new product line with body care. The Glow Figure Body Care bundle comes with three full-body care items a scrub, a body masque, and a body whip. Along with two applicators, one is a mitten and the other is a scoop to get the product out. Both the scoop and the mitten are made of jelly silicone material. All of the products are made with a Dragonfruit and Lychee fragrance. For easier process use while you are in the shower and you may want to cut the water off in between using the scrub and the masque. You should also make sure to wash your mitten between uses as well.

The whole set is currently $99.30.

The two applicators are the

Jelly Massage Mitt $13.90

Smooth-on Shell Scoop $6.90

Bali Bod Bundle 2


This is the first step in the bundle. This is the Bali Buffing Sugar. The triple-exfoliating buffing sugar scrub is great to smooth out and renew your skin. The scrub helps improve the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite, and other marks. If you get the bundle using your shell scoop out some of the scrubs and apply it to the area you want to exfoliate and then take you mitt and gently rub the product on your body in a circular motion. Since it's an exfoliator you don't want to scrub to hard or you will be scratching your The buffing sugar can be a whole body exfoliate if you can use it for specific areas. The scrub has the most intense scent so if you aren't a fan of sting scents I would suggest using a different scrub. It will also temporarily stain any clothing if you get on it. Having only ever use this body exfoliater I don't have any standards but after one use I could feel a difference in my skin. Make sure to pay more attention to especially dry areas like your elbows, knees and ankles. After you have done your whole body wash off and pat dry. Since the pigment is so vivid you might want to give yourself a second wash down to make sure all the product has been washed off. And make sure to hose down your shower or someone might think there was a blood bath.

The sugar by itself is $34.90

Bali Bod Bundle 3


This is the second step in the bundle. This is the Bounce Body Masque. The body masque sculpts, contours, and recharges skin to its natural glow in a matter of minutes. The masque includes Volcanic clay to draw out toxins, impurities and excess fluid for tighter, firmer-looking skin, natural enzymes to brighten skin & boost blood circulation, the green base counteracts redness for more even skin tone. The masque can be used for the whole body but it’s min function is for your thighs and butt. The masque is very smooth and cool to the touch. It applies very easily and drys fast. Leave this on for 15-20 minutes and then wash off. After this if you were doing the tests of your shower routine in between you should be ready to get out.

The masque by itself is $39.90

Bali Bod Bundle 4


This is the third step in the bundle. This is the Body Moisture Whip. This is essentially your moisturizer lotion you apply after you die the first two products. The Moisture Whip leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth while deeply hydrating. This uses a buttery-soft formula with virgin coconut oil smooths, softens & brightens skin. Rich in antioxidants and amino acids to fight cellulite & improve the appearance of skin. You want to use this after you have patted yourself down right after getting out of the shower. This you can just rub in with your hands. Once you've fully rubbed the product in you are done. This has the same texture as the hair masque and the scent is the most subtle.

The Moisture Whip by itself is $36.90

There you have a complete breakdown of all Coco & Eve products they are currently offering. After switching to Coco & Eve products I know that the price is more than equal to the product and I love the results. If you have been looking for any product like these I encourage you to go with Coco & Eve because you will love it. In the chance you aren't as happy as I am they have great customer service team that will help you solve your issues. If you haven't yet already check out their products at

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