A year ago, Beyonce' has changed the music world to her empire! On April 14 and 21, Beyonce' headlined Coachella in California. Originally, she was going to perform the year before, but she was pregnant with twins Rumi and Sir Carter, who are now 1 year old! However, when she performed in 2018, the world stopped for Queen B. When Beyonce' performed, she gave a little twist. She gives us an unforgettable HBCU(Historically Black College University) experience. Beyonce' performs songs like "FORMATION", "Check On It", "SORRY", "FREEDOM", and she honors African American history by singing, "Lift Every Voice". Realizing the success of Coachella 2018, she gives us a little surprise, by releasing a documentary called "HOMECOMING", a Netflix film by the queen herself!

If you did not watch Beyonce's performance at Coachella, she basically gives you the whole experience all over again. Not only she gives you the experience, but she also gives you behind the scenes footage of how she did it all. Looking at the film, she shares her story of adversities while rehearsing for Coachella, and including quotes by HBCU Alumni. In Beyonce's film, she states, "I dreamed of going to an HBCU. My college was Destiny's Child. My college was traveling around the world and life was my teacher."

In the film, you see countless days of rehearsing for the Coachella performance. However, Beyonce' had to learn to juggle her life as an entertainer, a wife, and a mother of three. Beyonce' is the true definition of a hard worker. After she gave birth to the twins, she gained a lot of weight. When she accepted the opportunity to do the Coachella performance in 2018, she went on a strict diet. No meat, dairy, alcohol, fish, sugar, and other foods that involved carbs. She strictly ate fruits and vegetables. Her diet wet so well, she could fit back into her "FORMATION TOUR" outfit.

If there is one thing about Beyonce', she is truly a boss. She knows what she wants, and she does whatever is necessary to bring her creative ideas to life. In this film, she reaches out to all of her BeyHive fans. If there is a particular group she reaches out, it's the African American community. Beyonce' gives us what is like to be at an HBCU student, she gives us quotes by famous African American people who also attended an HBCU. She would use historical figures speeches' such as Maya Angelou and Malcolm X. If there is one significant aspect of this performance, Beyonce is the first African American woman to headline Coachella. This gives the African American community a reason to go beyond your limitations, and dream big, no matter the circumstances.

Coachella 2018 is the most memorable experience I've had through the Netflix film. She gives me the courage to work hard and t be proud of who I am as a black woman. To be proud of being a descendant of greatness, and to do better than the expectations. If there is anything I can say, its "You go, Queen B! And Coachella 2018 will forever be #BEYCHELLA!"