I’m Living A More 'Clutter-Free' Lifestyle And I’ve Never Been Happier

I’m Living A More 'Clutter-Free' Lifestyle And I’ve Never Been Happier

My cluttered room was turning into a cluttered lifestyle.


Over the summer, I did a much-needed closet cleanout. It took me a long time, but I'm finally at a point in my life where I feel content with my living space.

I ended up donating my unwanted clothes, giving them away to friends and family, selling them, etc. The habit just stuck with me. During the whole annoying process of it all, I thought about how much I hoarded over the past year or two. I use to have the mindset that there's no such thing as trash. That I'd "wear it eventually" or "make it work" and then let it sit in my closet for months.

The most frustrating thing about it all is the amount of money I ended up wasting. I had clothes with tags still attached to them. Clothes that no longer fit me. I went through many phases where I felt like something just wasn't my style anymore yet it was my style when I purchased it a month ago.

It was a lot. And for a while, it consumed me. I was constantly stressed about the mess in my room, and the empty bank account from my terrible shopping problem. The one thing I loved more than anything (shopping) was now my biggest problem. My cluttered room was turning into a cluttered lifestyle.

Once I finally came to terms with my problem, I made a change. Now, I only purchase something if I feel like I really need it. If I want it, then I need to be sure that I'll actually wear it sometime in the near future.

It was an overall rewarding lesson for me. I probably won't ever convert to the minimalist lifestyle, but I can sure try to lessen my carbon footprint by not wasting so much money and space with things I don't actually need.

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7 Things You Do If You’re One Of Those 'I Always Order Chicken Tenders' People

It's hard to love food but also hate it at the same time.


Growing up, my mom would usually have to cook me a separate dinner from my siblings. Why? Because I was ridiculously picky and wouldn't eat the same foods as everyone else. Trust me, it gets old. It's not my fault certain things just taste gross, you learn to live with it.

1. You eat something you hate just to see if you still hate it

I'll take a bite of a burger every once in a while just to reaffirm that it still tastes like dirt. I just have to know. Don't even get me started on vegetables.

2. When trying to explain what you actually like to eat, people give you major side eye

Don't ask me about my eating habits unless you want to get into a long, confusing conversation.

3. Eating at someone else’s house when you were younger was a pain

You hate to tell their parents just how much you hate the food that they gave you. So, you sucked it up and ate it anyway only to come home and whine to your parents.

4. There’s one thing on any menu you always fall back on...even if it’s on the kids menu

Pizza, maybe. Chicken tenders, always.

5. Trying a new food is a very proud moment

It's like, wow! Look at me being all adventurous.

6. When you realize you actually like some new food, that’s an even more amazing moment

Crazy times. This rarely happens.

7. Sometimes it’s the texture, sometimes it’s the flavor, all the time it’s left on your plate

Oops. At restaurants it's either left on your plate or your order is very specified.

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21 Things To Be Happy About Right Now

There's always a reason to smile.


Sometimes, we need a reminder of how lucky and fortunate we are to live the lives we live. It's refreshing to take a step back and remember... life is pretty damn good.

1. You have internet access. 

Since you're reading this, I can confirm you have access to the internet. You have the ability to connect with virtually anyone you want, explore and learn about any subject, and engage in social media. 51% of the world does not have this luxury.

2. You know how to read.

17% of the world is illiterate.

3. Sawyer got exactly what he wanted for Christmas--a large bottle of ketchup.

He was so happy, he was moved to tears.

4. The sun rises every single morning.

5. Suicide rates are falling.

According to The Economist, "global suicide rates have fallen 29% since 2000."

6. Animals exist.

7. Someone looks up to you.

You might not see them down there, but they surely see you.

8. Coffee exists.

9. Your best friend's laugh.

10. The "class is cancelled" email.

11. Books are not doing away any time soon.

According to the Good News Network, book sales are up for the fifth year in a row.

12. Fridays.

13. A dog was reunited with his mom after a forest fire.

This baby waited days at the site where his home burned down for his family to come back. When the owners were cleared to go back to their land, Madison was there to welcome them.

14. Warm brownies with ice cream.

15. The first warm spring day after a harsh winter.

16. Amazing hair days.

You're flawless.

17. Calling your mom to cry it out.

18. Christmas time.

19. Munchkin cats are a thing.

Look at those wittle leggies. How can you not be a little happier after that?

20. Someone loves you.

21. You're alive.

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